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Jon and Seth

Anyone that is attempting to produce something to be shared with the world there is a question that has to be answered.

Which part of me am I going to offer?

The Crux Questions

1)  Are you going to spend time producing content or creating (insert your Art) that I think the world will like?

2)  Do you create what you want to create because it makes you happy, but may not satisfy your Google Analytics aspirations?

3) Is your goal a lot of followers or a highly engaged audience?

What if what the world really needs is the real you?


In today’s Podcast:

In today’s show Jon Dale and I have a discussion about living the truest version of your instead of trying to figure out what people want.

There are pitfalls to this:


  • 24 HR digital fast -How & Why?
  • How to compete with the 160M other bloggers.
  • As you live the truest version of yourself other people will be liberated to do the same.
  • How to start ignoring graphs and charts and increase your impact.

Some of our mentors that we discuss in this episode.:


Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson

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  • Love you too guys!

  • “Don’t ask what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that…because what the world needs is more people who come alive”…..I need to do this more

  • Lane Arnold

    Yes & amen. Be fully the glorious and powerful person we are designed to be! thanks for the inspiration.

    • Lane-thank you for listening. really appreciate the encouragement. The seeming risk that was facing us prior to publishing definitely feels clear now that the value to others has been high.

  • Guys, Humbled to be on that list of “mentors” discussed. Thanks.

    • John glad you have had influence on Jon in such a way to shape him.

  • Peggy Bayer

    I came to your site Thur and listened to all of your podcasts and read a lot of the posts. Enjoyed them obviously and will check out a number of people you interviewed. While almost all of the blogs I read are for technical/business reasons (technology unlike artistic endevors does not come easily to me) I for one would like to hear/read about you as a person . I wouldn’t follow you if it beacme a personal blog of what I ate for lunch(unless it was awesome and receipe was included),mundane everyday stuff but if you tell us about your other passions, life lessons learned and some family stuff I think that makes you more human and less of a “god of information”. Just like living your life all elements of your blog have to be balanced if you add in the rest of your life into what you now have.

    • Peggy
      thank you for commenting. I really appreciate that you listened to this podcast and others. Continuing to add more about me is a risk I am willing to run. Thanks for the invitation. “More human” I agree. The challenge I’ve felt is trying to determine I want to share in a public forum like a blog or podcast. And trying to define if this forum is for business only or for a more rounded approach. I recently landed on “Work, Life and Play”. I’ll keep leaning into those topic areas and see how it goes.
      Appreciate your input.

  • Great stuff! So refreshing to hear this when everyone else is talking about how to play the system, not be authentic. Something in me felt freed up by this!

    I did wrestle with the thought that “just be yourself” can take a lot of hard work. I guess its inherent in the idea of virtue. Becoming who I am meant to be (which I know you guys believe) is a lot different than just being who I am today.

    That would be my suggestion for podcast 2 🙂 How did you guys discover those truer selves? What did it take? What does it still take?

    • Sam Great suggestion on Podcast #2. The journey of discovering our truer selves. As you see everyday in your profession, being on a journey of becoming a better man is more than just “being yourself”.

      • Honestly, I’d just love to hear you guys talk again. Great synergy.

  • Great conversation guys – I’m continually wrestling with the
    question of “overt faith” in business. And
    needing a break from “platform building” and the pressure I’ve put on myself. Looking forward to the next one!

    • Mike-glad you are taking a break from Platform Building. Probably a worthy break. Faith in business has always been difficult for me. Generally I’ve taken the Young Life mantra approach “win the right to be heard”. A couple of podcasts in the edit studio now. One on Fitness and one from @IdeaMensch.

  • Aaron Johnson

    Guys, this was fantastic. What I really appreciated is that you let us in on your process, before you can say you have something figured out. Looking forward to the second installment.

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Posted on: 01 / 18 / 2013