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Moon Up Close by Gustavo (creative commons)

The more innovative the more barriers the status quo will erect in your way. Guy Kawasaki Innovation can be like selling tickets to the moon There is a direct correlation between how innovative your product (or idea) is and how many barriers you will encounter. Every product faces barriers. If you have personal experience with […]

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  How many passwords do try to remember each day? How many ways have you tried to manage them? The madness can be managed better through software than by using your memory, sticky notes, or excel files. LastPass is my preferred freemium software solution. Allow me to give you a tour of this better option. […]

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Category: How to get started?, Software
fuel delivery towing baltimore

I’ve worked in the gasoline pricing industry now for almost eight years. I’ve spent years helping corporations gain more control over their gas prices. When you fill your car up with your eighteen gallons and pay $3.99 a gallon it feels like a rip off right? And the guy who owns the station must be […]

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photo by gypsybrassbands

Have you ever provided a guard rail to your kids or to your employees? But you were light on the list of bullet point rules of boundaries that are excluded? Example- “I need you to turn this into me by Friday, every week.” or “Hey son, I do not like you watching that TV show, […]

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