For the past eighteen years, I have invested my professional career in Sales and Marketing.

I began my career in Television, Radio, Print and Digital Media.

In the late 1990’s I rode the roller coaster of the Software Dot-Boms.

For the last eight years I led a new software start-up division within a larger company.  From the beginning, I owned the vision, drove the product innovation and moved the company to a position of sustainable market leading dominance.

Today I provide consulting services to software companies both in and outside of the retail petroleum market.

Software Start-Ups

My expertise is highly valuable for software start-ups looking for guidance with:

  • Beating the Goliath of the market.
  • Converting early adopter prospects to avid customers.
  • Crafting sales stories that translate to closed sales.
  • Casting a bigger marketing shadow than your competitors with a smaller budget.

Oil & Gas Industry

I’ve been in the pricing War Rooms of the Top 50 retail petroleum companies.

If you are looking to:

  • Optimize the price and profit of every gallon sold, everyday @ every location.
  • Remove the minutes and hours of response time from your price change process.
  • Leverage your existing technology to change prices @ every device from your iPhone.

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