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8 min of running

Yesterday I ran for eight minutes. That’s it. That’s all the margin I had left between meetings and work obligations. I slept five hours. I started at 7 am and finished after 11 pm. It was raining outside and I decided to strap on my running shoes and go anyway. For years I neglected these […]

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Pam Slim Corporate Escapee

We can tell ourselves that living a life of happiness and fulfillment is for later or for someone else. I’ve heard people say things like: “I’d really like to stop taking my depression and high-blood pressure medication“. “I’ve worked the last sixteen weekends”.  “I’d love to see my daughter’s fifth grade play instead of being […]

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What if we lead our organizations like the building was literally on fire? What if we skipped all the niceties and the politically correct advisable techniques and simply lead? I care about people. I care about the impact I have on people’s lives under my influence. And, I exhaust myself somedays in caring about my […]

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Indentured Servant-NO

In medieval times, indentured servants worked the land of a king for a fixed number of years until their debt was paid in full. The king owned the field, the crop and the harvest yield. He got rich, he ate and drank as much as he liked, and the servants learned to live on the crumbs from his […]

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Pros finding their rhythm again

When I see a pro at work I have to remind myself that the ease, perfection and polish that I am witnessing is an illusion. Nothing this good comes easy. Sure there are protégées but the truth is that they are extremely rare.  Most of them fizzle out and never reach full maturity in their […]

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Madness or Brilliance?

Do you remember watching the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire ? Remember Tom Cruise playing the slick sports agent whose career implodes in a single afternoon? In the first three minutes of the movie we get the Cliffs Notes of his life. He has spent years working for the most successful sports management company of his day. […]

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Your Boss

If you believe that your boss, your factory, your pension, or your biggest customer is your only hope for a prosperous tomorrow, then you will do anything to protect those eggs in that lone basket. You will resign your will, your opinions, your creativity and your passion in trade for self-preservation. The more you feel […]

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WORLD DOMINATION SUMMIT 2013 When I told Leith, my wife, about the event a few months ago her reaction was “What in the world is that?” It is an event focused on living a life you want to live vs. accidentally living a life you think you should. Chris Guillebeau author, world traveler, adventurer and […]

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Photo by Neals pics (creative commons)

Being the same is easier than creating something unique. Being the same is less risky than paddling out away from the sharks to see what the blue ocean holds. Being the same is safer because you know people will buy your (fill in the blank). Be a heretic instead. Don’t succumb to copying the guy […]

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Photo by Davebdc (creative commons)

I find it difficult to always be in balance. Usually work, life or play is taking up more than their fair share of the allotted time between sunrises and sunset. The biggest tug-of-war is between family and work. The older I get the more I see how driven we are as a nation to “succeed”. […]

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