For many of us, the life we want to live seems like a dream. You’re too tired, too scheduled, too everything to really enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s time to find a sustainable rhythm, a cadence in your life.

Work Life Play is about:

  • Doing work you love
  • Living how you want to live
  • Playing more
The view from above Mount Huron in the Sawatch Range
Choosing Humility over Humiliation | Episode #74 It is a fine line between choosing humility over humiliation.  I use the phrase “Eating Humble Pie” when...
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Three Tribes & Our Weaker Muscles
Adventuring Outside Your Tribe | Episode #73 Seth Godin first introduced me to the idea of Tribes. The concept of a tribe is your...
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Mercenaries & Missionaries
Mercenaries and Missionaries | Episode #72 I first heard this language of contrasting Mercenaries and Missionaries from Mike Rowe, TV personality from Dirty Jobs. He...
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Scene from Good Will Hunting -Good Enough vs. Perfect
The Pressure of Perfection | Episode #71 I have a confession to make. I get hung up with self-induced pressure of perfection. I have...
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RAD Cars with RAD Surfboard with Kevin Butler
Art with a Soul with Kevin Butler | #70 I discovered Kevin Butler’s art in a Herschel Supply Co. magazine in a surf shop...
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There is always a Third Way
The Third Way I used to believe there were usually only two choices, Option #1 (the way I’ve always done it) or Option...
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Ken Segall's book, Think Simple
Simplicity: The Secret Weapon Behind Apple’s Success with Ken Segall Podcast Highlights: The high’s and low’s of working side-by-side with Steve Jobs...
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Y Couloir Pikes Peak
Live a YES Life I called my friend Gill at 10 am this morning. “Gill I’m calling you back. What’s up?” “We’re...
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Heading into the Surf-Santa Cruz CA
How to Cheat Business Travel Think differently Business travel does not have to be a drag. Remove resignation from your list of...
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Anxiety is like a Tsunami Warning
What Anxiety is Trying to Teach You I was boarding my flight to come back to the mainland and the Tsunami sirens...
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