For many of us, the life we want to live seems like a dream. You’re too tired, too scheduled, too everything to really enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s time to find a sustainable rhythm, a cadence in your life.

Work Life Play is about:

  • Doing work you love
  • Living how you want to live
  • Playing more
Y Couloir Pikes Peak
Live a YES Life I called my friend Gill at 10 am this morning. “Gill I’m calling you back. What’s up?” “We’re...
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Heading into the Surf-Santa Cruz CA
How to Cheat Business Travel Think differently Business travel does not have to be a drag. Remove resignation from your list of...
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Anxiety is like a Tsunami Warning
What Anxiety is Trying to Teach You I was boarding my flight to come back to the mainland and the Tsunami sirens...
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Visual Summary of a Multi-Hour Conversation
Your Good Amount of Weird Everybody is weird in a good way. Your weird is your superpower. Embrace your weird. Love your...
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9 Ways to Reboot Your Life
9 Ways to Reboot Your Life Now  My wife Leith McHugh was interviewed last week on Rob Bell’s Robcast Episode 99 | Leith...
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Colorado Trail Section 5 Johnson Gulch
All the Roots Grow Deeper When It’s Dry In this podcast, I captured small audio segments of our adventure while we backpacked...
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Route 66 Our first Men's Town Road Trip
Live a Better Story with Your Kids: Take a Road Trip You don’t need a destination. You don’t need a lot of money. You...
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The 10% Entrepreneur, by Patrick McGinnis
Your Day Job is Not Enough with Patrick McGinnis Podcast highlights: Don’t quit your day job. It can fund your dreams. Figure...
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Book cover of Dan Miller's 48 Days
  48 Days to the Work You Love with Dan Miller “The master in the art of living makes little distinction between...
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Ben Lecomte's Swim the Pacific
Swimming 5,500 Miles across the Pacific Ocean with Ben Lecomte Podcast Highlights with Ben Lecomte: From Tokyo to San Francisco in the...
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