For many of us, the life we want to live seems like a dream. You’re too tired, too scheduled, too everything to really enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s time to find a sustainable rhythm, a cadence in your life.

Work Life Play is about:

  • Doing work you love
  • Living how you want to live
  • Playing more
Backyard Dinner-Living inside of Elayne's Dream
Last week, I crashed a women only backyard dinner party. Thirty women were dressed and buttoned to celebrate their Season Finale of Super Soul Happy...
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Srini keeping it real at church
A Church, a Gym and a Bar: Surfing with Srinivas Rao | Episode #82 Srini called in for our interview from a SoCal seaside...
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Creating a Haven of Peace cover shot by Joanne Miller
Creating a Haven of Peace with Joanne Miller | Episode #81 In this podcast interview with Joanne Miller, she helps us understand the importance...
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Ray Cameron knowing when to turn around
Adventure: Knowing When to Turn Around | Episode #80 We decided to turn around on Crestone Peak, just as it started getting hairy. The...
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Carl Richards New York Times The Sketch Guy
How to Scale Influence with Carl Richards | Episode #79 I met Carl last year in gravel grey parking lot in Western Colorado. We had...
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Adventure on the Water in Aspen
The Narrative I Tell Myself Every Day | Episode #78 Rob Bell says in his new book, How to Be Here, “We all have a...
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Honorable Work & The Short Bus
Honorable Work and The Short Bus | Episode #77 In some seasons, the work we do everyday may not be fulfilling, fun or live...
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Recent adventure on the summit of Mt. Huron
Betting on Yourself | Episode #76 Warren Buffett says, Invest in what you know. Buffett is speaking about investing in things you already know and understand....
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Kristen Howerton and our crew in our Surrey with Fringe on Top
Rage Against the Minivan with Kristen Howerton | Episode #75 I had this nutty idea of asking Kristen Howerton if she would be willing...
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The view from above Mount Huron in the Sawatch Range
Choosing Humility over Humiliation | Episode #74 It is a fine line between choosing humility over humiliation.  I use the phrase “Eating Humble Pie” when...
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