Work Life Play is about helping you recover balance. In this podcast, we deconstructs the art of making adjustments in your approach, your thinking, your beliefs and habits. The rewards are doing work you love and living your life with joy and adventure.

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Andrew Skurka in Alaska's Brooks Range (Photo credits Andrew Skurka)
Andrew Skurka is an accomplished adventure athlete, speaker, guide, and writer. The 34-year-old is most well known for his solo long-distance backpacking trips, notably...
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From a recent trip to Mexico Walking the beach after surfing
Five years ago I started writing a couple articles on a wordpress site to profile my ideas as part of a career change. Accidentally….Now...
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For five years, I’ve chased down and shared stories with you of Work Life Play. I’ve knocked on strangers doors, cold called CEO’s, drug microphones...
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Backyard Dinner-Living inside of Elayne's Dream
Last week, I crashed a women only backyard dinner party. Thirty women were dressed and buttoned to celebrate their Season Finale of Super Soul Happy...
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Srini keeping it real at church
A Church, a Gym and a Bar: Surfing with Srinivas Rao | Episode #82 Srini called in for our interview from a SoCal seaside...
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Creating a Haven of Peace cover shot by Joanne Miller
Creating a Haven of Peace with Joanne Miller | Episode #81 In this podcast interview with Joanne Miller, she helps us understand the importance...
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Ray Cameron knowing when to turn around
Adventure: Knowing When to Turn Around | Episode #80 We decided to turn around on Crestone Peak, just as it started getting hairy. The...
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Carl Richards New York Times The Sketch Guy
How to Scale Influence with Carl Richards | Episode #79 I met Carl last year in gravel grey parking lot in Western Colorado. We had...
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Adventure on the Water in Aspen
The Narrative I Tell Myself Every Day | Episode #78 Rob Bell says in his new book, How to Be Here, “We all have a...
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Honorable Work & The Short Bus
Honorable Work and The Short Bus | Episode #77 In some seasons, the work we do everyday may not be fulfilling, fun or live...
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