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  • Living the life you want
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This monthly podcast guarantees intimate stories of success from entrepreneurs, artists, TED speakers, NPR national broadcasters, New York Times best selling authors to UltraMarathon runners and start-up CEO’s.


Making sense of your Body of Work Pamela Slim‘s new book, Body of Work, will help you find the thread that ties your career...
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Gary Hirsch BotJoy Invasion
I’ve not met many people who give their work away for free. I’ve met even fewer people who would be willing to give up...
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Joy Inc-Book Cover
Podcast Highlights How Rich is bringing humanity back to business The winning strategy of hiring humans and not polished resume’s How the biggest risk...
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For some reason this podcast interview has tugged at my heart and my Lizard Brain resistance has delayed my publishing this episode. I guess...
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Dean Karnazes Profile 3 x 5
“I’d rather be doing what I love”. Kind, humble, all-inclusive, Dean Karnazes is more than a runner. He is an ambassador of passion. It’s...
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Tess Vigeland-Remarkable and Brave
Tess Vigeland jumped without a net. She left a successful career in radio broadcasting without her next job lined up and stepped into the...
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Pam Slim Corporate Escapee
We can tell ourselves that living a life of happiness and fulfillment is for later or for someone else. I’ve heard people say things...
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Author of Accidental Creative
If you produce ideas for a living then Todd Henry can help you become brilliant at a moments notice. Who doesn’t want that? Todd’s...
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Walt surrounded by Mickey dolls
I wonder how many of us would consider failure a blessing? Walt Disney did. Mickey Mouse was born on a sketchpad during a train...
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In this podcast I provide some of the back story to writing my recently released ebook, Don’t Quit Your Job. Fire Your Boss. I...
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