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M Field center stage at Quicksilver launch

A lack of action guarantees 100% probability that absolutely nothing new has a chance of happening. None of us, not a single one of us, can predict what will or won’t happen tomorrow. You have to risk the next unknown step. No one knows if they’re going to become the next Steve Jobs ProBlogger TED […]

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Nilofer Merchant @ TED

You know those really cool NPR interviews that you listen to where there is hustle and bustle in the background? The one’s where they interview some guy in a subway about economics in Greece? I’m proud to say that Nilofer Merchant and I ended up with a cool NPR vibe in this podcast. We had […]

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Nilofer Merchant-The Jane Bond of Innovation

I had a recent interaction with my friend and fellow Seth Godin Medicine Baller, @Nilofer. She writes for the Harvard Business Review and recently wrote about Rules For the Social Era (#SocialEra). Big Brands Don’t Always Get It In this article she talks us through the dichotomy of choices that the big brands of our lives are making. […]

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