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Subscribe in iTunes Podcast Summary Mike Field-Sport. Life. Art. In this interview you will enjoy Mike’s humble almost bashful view of his story. But don’t be fooled.  He lives in a beautiful story of wealth. Not necessarily of worldly monetary wealth but one of passion and art and friendship. Why we believe we need to consume […]

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Run the Rock-Photo by Anders Carlson

You’ve read and heard that proverb all your life, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But we don’t believe it.  If we did we would not live like we do. Play to some seems like one of those words that disappeared with hopscotch, GI Joe action figures and tree houses. I meet a lot of people […]

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On the Lookout

There is only one you. I spoke with a friend this week that was recently hired as an Estate Manager in Beverly Hills, CA. He was responsible for hosting Hollywood’s upper echelon on Christmas Eve. Four years ago he was driving golf carts. Trust me he did not think he would be managing an executive’s […]

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