From Busy to Burn Out with Bryan Buckley Episode #127

Aaron McHugh


My guest today is Bryan Buckley host of The Energy Edge Podcast. (Initial technical difficulties have been resolved-I hope). We met last year as part of an entrepreneur conference he hosted and subsequently Bryan had me as a guest on his podcast. Listen to the episode here.

If you resonate with our conversation about busy to burn out and the exhaustion cycle, you might enjoy my free 7 Practical Steps to Restoring Balance. Get access here.

Here is Bryan’s story from his website.

The Buckley Family Super Hero style.


In 2011, my body started kicking back. Doctors couldn’t find anything wrong which was good and bad news.

But I knew.

And, I chose to ignore it since there was too much to do and not enough time to do it. To be honest, I didn’t want to stop and rest.

My identity was in my drive and producing results. What would happen if I fell behind? What if I was no longer needed?

It happened – the crash. It was like a high-performance car driver always doing a 100 taking a sharp curve at 70 marked for 30 and hitting the wall. This time it hit back, and I didn’t get up quickly. C’mon man.

Something was seriously wrong.

In March 2015, the energizer bunny energy was now sold separately. No more workouts, marathons, and little sleep. Everything took longer, and my symptoms were paralyzing.

And of course, I didn’t want anyone to know. Pride anyone?


This high performer was sidelined. Using cheap gas, ignoring maintenance and wanting every repair quick and inexpensive just to “get back out there” was to my demise.

The hard driving me was a thing of the past.

But how could this be? I was only 45, and although I could still get more done than most people, it was not at my “high performance” pace and energy level. This Superman found his kryptonite, and I’m allergic to kryptonite. Not cool.

I was almost 30 pounds over-weight, felt horrible, and didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. Just lovely.


At some point in life, everyone needs a coach, mentor or guide, and this high performer was finally ready. My stress and pace had damaged my adrenal glands that produced my energy. Something had to change, or it would shut my body down.

With my life physically and emotionally on a downward spiral, I reached out for help from a good friend who had been in my situation but even worse. Telling her was like the dam breaking. Fortunately for me, she knew the symptoms and even better, the solutions.

To be honest, this scared me. I was the sole provider for my family and was forced to change. Everyone always saw me as the person with unlimited energy, and now I was, well, human.

This was not going to be a quick fix. I had blown an engine and needed to learn how to run the race differently.


My life completely changed by learning how to sleep (for the first time since college), take breaks, and planned downtime. You just never hear of high performers resting.

I also learned proper nutrition, fitness, and energy was creating activities to refuel my body and energy to re-engage back in life every single day.

As a result, my health and energy have been coming back, and the weight is gone. I’m finally getting my girlish figure back along with my confidence.

My experience and learning have created a passion in me to help others find and develop their “energy edge” so they can maximize their productivity and excel in what they feel called to do in life. As a result, I can help save time and increase impact. Isn’t that what we want in the end?

Your energy is the key to your ultimate productivity. I learned the hard way. I want to teach you the lessons learned and the secret sauce.

Check out Bryan’s 5 Minute Energy Kickstart, 5 x three-minute videos to help kickstart your energy and help you be more productive.

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