How To Be Full of Shit in 7 Steps or Less

Aaron McHugh

I can’t choke down one more two-step, three or seven step to smashing, success, and wild amounts of wealth or infinite gain. I’m calling Bullshit. Friends here’s the deal.

Some guy or gal figured out that they could write a punchy title that catches your attention. You read the article because, of course, you want to experience significant progress from where you are today to a light-year jump to where you would like to be.

Our friends with wordsmith titles, tight copy and deep promises pin prick a hole into the improved possibility of your future. The promise is awesomeness forever. Endless rainbows, pots of gold, rainbows, unicorns and leprechauns handing out golden tickets.


I buy it. I read them. I’m allured by the promises of hope and exponential up-and-to-the right growth. Yeah. I do. I wish the next micro-move I make would have gazillion x multiplication and I’d immediately be transported from the work I did today for a living to the work I imagine in my future.

Infinity and beyond?

Here’s the crux. In the end, eventually, someday, starting now, you have to have something meaningful to say, to write, to create, to birth, to invent, to alter, to improve, which lasts. Lasting results require substance. I think of Jim Collins and his studies titled, Good to Great and Built to Last. Fundamentally, these books were dissections of of how businesses, ideas and movements must have sustainable substance in order to last and make a difference.

Which is another way of saying, people’s interest is easily captured but difficult to retain. Do something that matters. Say something meaningful. Stop quoting someone else. Start by having something to say. Start leading your own tribe. Find people like you-who do things like you. Cut the bullshit headlines, catchy phrases and in-your-face promises. Instead dare to matter.

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