How to Gain Seven More Seconds of Consideration?

Aaron McHugh

Photo by ReneS (creative commons)
Photo by ReneS (creative commons)

Most people rush past the final coat of polish.

If you’re selling a product, a service, an idea or yourself then you might consider one more coat of polish before you ship.

I am a big fan of Don’t Worry Be Crappy, courtesy of the Godfather Guy Kawasaki.

I’m going to modify Guru Guy’s principle, Ship early and don’t rush the final polish.  

Don’t confuse the two ideas

You can ship a crappy product but it better work.

Crappy may just mean that there are ten things you would like to add but you’re going to ship it now and add those additions later.

There are too many choices in the market today for any of us to waste our time trying to like something.

Without a polish of professionalism, we will be replaced quickly.

  • We uninstall it
  • We stop reading
  • We move on
  • We choose another option
  • We write a bad review

Better have substance behind it

I was having a conversation with a new acquaintance and he said “When I read your work, I thought you did this for real“.

The polish of professionalism invited seven more seconds of his consideration, his attention and his mind.

What he was saying was when I read your eBook and blog posts, I thought you were a professional.

The layer of professionalism better have substance behind it or else we’re done.

We don’t get a second chance if we’ve lead someone astray.

Yet, we never even get a glance if we don’t polish the veneer of our work until we see a reflection that we are proud of, then it’s ready.

Go get that polish.

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