Interview with World Changer Lisa-Marie Cabrelli Episode #4



Today I am interviewing Lisa-Marie Cabrelli.

Lisa-Marie and I met at Seth Godin’s Medicine Ball course last year.

She has a super-power.

I can teach anyone to make money
from anywhere at anytime.

People who do not purpose to change the world assume it is easy for those who do.

It is not.

People who change the world do not simply take notes only to file them away on the shelf. Tweet this.

People who change the world take action, risk and inject passion into their plans. Tweet this.

In our conversation you will hear how Lisa took her new found truths from Seth’s MB course and made broad sweeping changes in her businesses.

Key nuggets from our conversation:

  • How Amazon is dominating niche e-commerce.
  • Distinction between being a freelancer vs. an entrepreneur.
  • How she found her Super-Power and how it changed her future.
Lisa-Marie and Seth Godin

Lisa-Marie’s Plan for World Domination:

  • Founder & CEO of Emily Rose Doll Clothes and Wish Doll Company.
  • Founder of Galahads – The Secret Society for Kick-Ass Women.
  • Founder & CEO of Laptop Life Lisa. Finding the revenue and results inside every entrepreneur.

Find her on Twitter – @LaptopLifeLisa & @GalahadsSS

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