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Kill the Giant Squids & Dominate the World

Aaron McHugh


When I told Leith, my wife, about the event a few months ago her reaction was “What in the world is that?”

It is an event focused on living a life you want to live vs. accidentally living a life you think you should.

Chris Guillebeau author, world traveler, adventurer and entrepreneur was the gracious host of 3000 fellow world changers.  The WDS team curated an unbelievable lineup of speakers, break out sessions, a mobile app for keeping track of people you met, opening party with a marching band at the Portland Zoo, and on and on.

One ingredient to change the world

If you’ve ever had an idea, a dream, a vision or hope of making something, sharing something, creating something, organizing something then you my friend should have a seat at next year’s WDS 2014.

Changing the world we live in only takes one ingredient,
offering our full self.

I’ve spent many years hiding myself, taking the back seat, waiting for permission, editing the full story and the world was only receiving a faint glimmer of the whole me.

Invitation to offer yourself

Being around 2999 other people who share a similar desire releases an invitation within me.  When you witness another human being offer their truest self it unlocks something in each of us and we are invited to do the same.

The world was flat

I met a guy named Bo that is going to sail around the world by himself.

  • He’s not a record holding sailor.
  • He’s not independently wealthy.
  • Until a few months ago he didn’t even own a sailboat.

There was a time when people would have told Bo,

“Even if you make it past the man-eating squid,
you’re going to sail off the edge of the world and die”

Today, the only real obstacles to sailing around the world or dominating your little swatch of the planet are:

The thoughts in our head

I can’t do this.  It’s not going to work.  What will people think?

We all entertain these voices that keep us believing that there is a man-eating squid ready to devour us if we continue down this ridiculous path that we dream about following.

The daring and barely brave go ahead anyway.

Consistently showing up and doing the work

80% is simply showing up faithfully and chipping away at the project, task, or dream.

Bo’s going for it. He bought his sailboat, untied the bow and is shoving off towards the sunset.

What’s our excuse for not leaving the dock?

I need your help!

I’m attempting to expand my patch of world domination to ChangeThis.com.

This is a Manifesto network that distributes ideas that change minds.

My eBook, Don’t Quit Your Job. Fire Your boss is being voted on for acceptance to their network and I have three days left.

Would you be willing to take three seconds to click on the button (bottom of the page) that says “Yes Write this Manifesto”-click here.

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