Living on Purpose Q & A Live March 4th 2018

Five Spots Left

Hey brotha’s and sisters,

Come join me for Living on Purpose live Q & A event next Sunday, March 4th from 2 pm to 5:30 pm MST.

So many of you wrote me about your stories of deep knowing that your life matters, but feeling like you’re a sailboat without a rudder. Some of you are piloting a sailboat, but you’re not sure which way to point your boat.

And for others, it feels like you’re marooned on a deserted island wondering when the rescue ship is going to arrive.

Let’s huddle up and dance together in the tension and the possibility that tomorrow can be better than today.

When: Sunday, March 4th from 2 pm to 5:30 pm MST

Where: Epicentral CoWorking 415 N. Tejon Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Can I attend virtually? Yes, we will give it a try to broadcast the event via webinar.To register for the digital version of the event. Sign up for webinar broadcast here.

What: I’m not planning on preparing a lot of canned content. The goal is to organically interact with these big questions about our life and purpose and meaning and disappointment and risk and being stuck and finding beauty in the mundane.Cost: There is no cost for this event. This is a life experiment for me as well and not everything is about money.

Can I bring a friend? Yes, please bring other curious people. Please have them register also.

Will there be food? There will not be food or drinks provided. There are lots of great restaurants within walking distance.

Is this different than the webinar on Sunday, February 25th at 9 am MST? Yes. This is the second event I promised I would do to include the bigger group.

Is this available to my coaching clients also? Yes. If you are a current coaching client, please consider attending.

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Living on Purpose live Q & A event