Seth Godin Medicine Ball Sessions

Aaron McHugh

I just completed a three-day course, workshop, event, and guru-session with the famed business thinker Seth Godin.

There were roughly 70 of us, selected through an application process, throwing the medicine ball back and forth in Hastings on the Hudson, NY.

The Medicine Ball analogy was precisely what was occurring.

If you’ve ever worked with a partner in a gym and tossed the weighty mass back and forth, then you have a visual of the discourse and interactivity.

Back and forth-Seth would offer up a “Riff” and then he’d open up the floor for responses.

Seth Godin teaching at Medicine Ball three day sessions in NY
Seth Godin teaching at Medicine Ball three day sessions in NY

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It was absolutely transforming.

So many of the events or seminars I have attended were structured where your job was to take notes and then take home a list of tasks to accomplish.

This was an exchange. A workout for both Seth and every member in the gym. And I will never be the same.

Thanks, Seth and fellow Medicine Ballers.

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