What Anxiety is Trying to Teach You Episode #65

Aaron McHugh

Anxiety is an early warning detection system
Anxiety is like a Tsunami siren-early warning detection system

I was boarding my flight to come back to the mainland and the Tsunami sirens started sounding. Within an hour of our departure from Kailua-Kona, HI, the Kona 2011 Tsunami waves hit the coast and pounded the shoreline for hours.

If the Tsunami sirens had not sounded many people would have been hurt or even killed. The early warning detection system worked. When the sirens screamed, the local people listened to the forewarning of unsafe ocean conditions.

The Tsunami warning sirens taught me about the importance of early warning detection systems. Over the past few years, I’ve been intentionally working on becoming Emotionally FitResulting in a heightened awareness of my emotional radar.

Unfortunately, I experience anxiety. I used to resent the feelings of anxiousness, worry and discomfort. I can’t say, I like feeling anxious. However, I’ve learned to embrace anxiety as a necessary, although sometimes irrational, indicator of perceptions, beliefs and risk. I’ve learned is that anxiety is always trying to alert me. Like the Tsunami warning sirens broadcasting the early warning detection of pending harm, anxiety is trying to educate us about a perceived threat. As I mature, I am learning to embrace the feeling of anxiety as a early warning detection system. As a result, I am able to evaluate why

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