Why we will take over the world?

Aaron McHugh

Photo by (Creative Commons) Alejandro.An


Sustainability is still determined by the quality of your product and team of people behind your product.

Regardless of how cool a new tool your competitor is using.

Regular advancements over time matter more than big gains occasionally.  Click to Tweet.


Leadership still wins over gimmicks, promotions, incentives and buzz.

Regardless of how much money you raised in your last round of VC funding.


Loyalty is still the currency of longevity.

Regardless of how big a salary you pay for a guy with a fat resume.

People still matter

Products still fail regardless of how innovative and revolutionary they might be.

Real people, do real business, with real people.

A small group of Heretics is still more powerful than a large army.  Click to Tweet.

Revolutions are lead by heretical people who cash in all of their chips based on the passion of an idea or principle.

Products can be copied.  Heretics can not imitated.

Experience is more important than theory.

What you can learn in a book, a course, an article, a podcast, or a two day seminar…..

Still fails in comparison to the experience of living it out.

Transferable skills are not enough.

Proven world changing revolutionaries should have war stories to tell.  Click to Tweet.

How to take over the world?

  • Out-smart
  • Out-think
  • Out-design
  • Out-innovate
  • Out-sell
  • Out-imagine
  • Out-create
  • Be more human

Most people, most companies will never invest this much to succeed.

We however will always invest more of ourselves than the next guy.


And we will take over the world.

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