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You Can Experience Soul Gratifying Purpose and Meaning

Aaron McHugh

A few months ago, I sent this email and it struck a deep nerve with so many. Resulting in me working with people one-on-one, in big group webinars, a live event, and Slack channel communications.

“I’m looking for six curious people interested in participating in a small
life experiment with me.

Wanted Real People who:
1) You KNOW there is something deep and meaningful that you WANT to do with your life.
2) You may not know what that deep and meaningful thing is.
3) You get stuck, derailed, slowed down and aren’t sure what to do
4) You want help.

I want to help you explore your frontier: find your path, rediscover what
fires you up, identify where you drifted off course, what stands in your
way limiting your experience of joy, meaning, and connection.


Here’s what I’ve discovered about living on purpose

I’ve witnessed a few themes that I believe will help you find your path to experiencing more purpose and meaning in your life.

1) You have to have a connection with a deep belief that transcends circumstances.
You have a spiritual, more profound wisdom, a transcendent truth that undergirds life that convinces and reminds you that your life matters even when it sucks. And there is something here that you are to do no matter how big or small. You are here to cause good in the world. I call this connection and partnership God.

When all hope is lost, when people cannot locate or identify with a higher purpose, calling and spiritual connection or belief, I’ve watched them lose hope and give up. If the story is “ashes to ashes and dust to dust” then why try so hard, why keep going. But when you believe there is something deep and substantive to your existence then you can press through the muck of life.

2) You courageously explore your frontier.
You run experiments, try new things, and get to know yourself. You let go of outcomes and stop focusing on the destination and embrace the mystery and uncertainty of the journey.

3) You take action.
No matter how small, you take action. Maybe you point your toes in a new direction and that is the sum of the courage you can muster. Action = possibility.

4) You avoid the pitfalls.
The pitfalls of indecision, analysis paralysis (over analyzing everything and doing nothing). You’ve expanded your view of success to include joy and vitality, not just financial wealth and status. You’ve redefined failure as impossible when you’re learning lessons from every experience. You’ve cast off the opinions and voices of the world and choose to listen to yourself and the voice inside calling you forward.

There isn’t a pill. There is not a bunch of shortcuts or VIP line to the front. Instead, there is a choice to embrace the reality that this is a treasure hunt and the prize is you discovering what will get you jumping out of bed. With the above, over time, inch by inch, you can experience more soul gratifying purpose and meaning.

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