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Pros finding their rhythm again

When I see a pro at work I have to remind myself that the ease, perfection and polish that I am witnessing is an illusion. Nothing this good comes easy. Sure there are protégées but the truth is that they are extremely rare.  Most of them fizzle out and never reach full maturity in their […]

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bringing big ideas to light

Subscribe in iTunes 1200 entrepreneurs later the survey says…. According to Mario Schultzke, German immigrant turned entrepreneur and founder of IdeaMensch, in interviewing over 1200 entrepreneurs from across the globe there are a few essential keys to success for every entrepreneur trying to start something: You have to be all in. No one cares about […]

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Walt Disney's first advertisement

I started working on that (animated short) in the garage while I was still working for the film studio.   Great Beginnings Start in the Garage Walt Disney started creating his animated shorts in his garage while he still had a day job. The world was forever changed because of his unwavering commitment to bring […]

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Guy Kawasaki

Have you ever shipped a new blog, software version, music track, speech, design, (your art) knowing it wasn’t perfect and you sent it anyway? Like you, I am an artist, an innovator constantly fielding new ideas and rumblings. That means there is always another idea waiting for me after I ship this one. Let’s explore […]

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