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“[Rediscover Adventure] Dude it's free! Get off the couch and go see for yourself.”
David, South Carolina USA
“[Stop multi-tasking] Is it a problem if I read this on my iPhone while on a conference call and also looking at the double monitors on my computer? :) ”
Chad, Virginia USA
“[Micro-rest] There is a rhythm to people who rest; a peace, a calmness that's what I want to ooze out of me.”
Diana, Santa Barbara USA
“Love the micro-rest! I shot my bow at lunch, single tracked after work and am night ski tomorrow night!!!”
Bryan, Idaho USA

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Each day you will receive one new life-changing lesson with easy-to-implement practical steps. 

All you need is ten minutes each day. Each practical step will unlock a new idea for you to begin to practice.  

Remember when you had more energy, zeal and passion? You were unstoppable. Let's go reclaim that mojo again.

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