Fire Your Boss: A Manifesto to Rethink How You Think About Work

About The Book

Fire Your Boss: A Manifesto to Rethink How You Think About Work is a disrupting alternative for a better way to work. Discover how to obtain the freedom to offer your best in any job. Establish new strategies for interacting with your boss and company. The resulting yield is new career freedom and greater influence at work.

About The Author

Aaron McHugh


I’m Aaron McHugh. I write and speak on restoring balance. I share my ideas on the art of making micro-adjustments in your approach, your thinking, your beliefs, and habits. The rewards are discovering your path to a well-lived life. Aaron and his wife just celebrated their twenty-second wedding anniversary. He has three children.



“We’re all self-employed. This book is a whack of the truth on the side of your career.”

Seth Godin Best Selling author


“I loved this book. Readers beware: this book will call you out and into your best work.”

Jeff Goins Author, Wrecked, The Art of Work


“In this manifesto, Aaron describes a common pain point that we are afraid to talk about, but let it affect our work and happiness everyday. Read it! It will change your perspective at work forever.”

Jia Jiang Author, Rejection Proof


“Aaron gives a fresh, revolutionary twist on reclaiming your life and career.”

Pamela Slim Author, Body of Work and Escape From Cubicle Nation


“This brave book helps you cast aside the unwritten contract of compliance and take control to start living the life you really want.”

Clay Hebert Founder, Fund Your Dream


“Revolutionary. McHugh pulls the string that unravels a person and leaves them only with hope.”

Morgan Snyder Author, Become Good Soil

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