99 Ways to Navigate Your Best Life

99 Ways to Navigate Your Best Life is a field guide for your life.

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In this guide I intimately share 99 of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received, the best lessons I’ve ever learned and richest wisdom I’ve acquired along my journey. Consider this as my curated gift to you to help you find your path to a well-lived life.

Behind each principle lives a helpful back-story. Within this guide, I’ve shared a handful of those stories to help you translate the big ideas into actionable change.

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A Peak Inside

Here are a few of the images from the print edition to give you a feel of what you’ll find inside the free download guide. Interested in a limited edition print copy? Order it here. 

No. 1 Don’t Neglect Your Relationships
Navigating life is easier with a map.
No. 63 Don’t Check Your Email 200 Times a Day-99 Ways
No. 99 Pursue Adventures & Memories Instead of Buying More Stuff