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I believe in the transformational power of one-on-one coaching connections. I work with a small number of clients across the globe.

My main focus is helping people gain awareness and insights to their fullest potential. I believe our mindsets and behaviors are much easier to shift once we identify our core beliefs driving us. I find it incredibly rewarding to help clients move forward uninhibited.

My approach is rooted in a core belief that we’re capable of far more than we believe and everything is spiritually connected.

Sarah said,

“Aaron’s ability to listen deeply and discern what’s under the words is remarkable.  He can dance between the material and soul level. In my case, I was seeking more fulfillment in my career and a greater sense of purpose at work. Through our calls, the excavation was challenging but the rewards paid off.

By the end of our time together we tackled some long-held beliefs about worthiness that were handicapping my ability to see my gifts. As a bonus, I got a different position within my company which is more aligned with my gifts and abilities.”

Chris said,

“Aaron is uniquely talented to meet you where you are. Aaron has an amazing ability to enter into the challenges of your life, pull you back from their intensity and offer you a new perspective on them. He helped me reorientate my viewpoint on life’s events, and he provided a peaceful clarity I was not sure was possible but I’d hoped I’d find.”

Amy said,

“I’ve had success with executive coaches in the past, but the Aaron McHugh experience (what I’m calling it, because it was a transformative experience) blew me away. Not only did he help me prioritize and organize my time between my four writing projects, he went much deeper, helping me unlock beliefs that were slowing me down and draining my creative energy.

I hired him as a coach, but what I got was a guru, an intuitive shaman, a guide to set me on a better path. And he did it all with such positivity and enthusiasm – no shame, no blame, just a twinkle in his eye as he points out something mind blowing/life changing, then confidently says, “keep going.” 

Dave said,

“Many times you hear people say that this person “insert name here: Changed my life” I can honestly tell you that that is true for me. My time with Aaron and his coaching HAS changed my life for all time. I had lost a parent; my career was super stressful, yet I was gaining very little meaning from it. I knew that there was a deeper meaning out there for me for all things LIFE and my time with Aaron unlocked that for me to pursue.

His ability to cut through the B.S. of life and get to the heart of simple easy to remember phrases that show what is going on was incredible. Aaron moved me from quiet resignation to believing life can be more meaningful and less distracted and hurried. My career opportunity is taking a new brighter turn, and I’m now working on what the loss of my parent means. My wife, kids, and career thank you, Aaron. And yes, I will KEEP GOING!”

Josh said,

“Without any reservations, I wholeheartedly recommend Aaron as a coach. He has this ability to meet me where I am, without shame or blame, at a level I haven’t seen before. He pushes me to discover my core beliefs – this has led to fundamental shifts in my behaviors and actions to be more aligned with where I’m headed.”