I teach people and teams how to architect their work and life for sustainable joy.

Pure energy. That’s what it feels like to enter a room of people excited to free themselves from what they think they should be doing and embrace the adventure of living their real lives.

When I speak to groups, my focus fall into two areas: Rebooting Your Life and Acting Like a Pro 8 Minutes At a Time.

Aaron McHugh speaking

Rebooting Your Life to Start Over

Beginning Your Life afresh starting where you are

For some mysterious reason, everything works better when you unplug it. Our lives, our careers, our relationships and our health can become more fruitful when we stop and course correct our future.

In this keynote, I’ll show you how to architect your future that puts you on a well-lived joyful path.

  • Establishing new strategies for taking ownership over today.
  • Obtaining new freedom to start reimagining your future despite all your limitations.
  • Identify where your stuck and repeating the same outcomes.
  • Get tactical about closing the gap on the life you have and the life you want.

This keynote is based on my family’s 2015 reboot experience of selling everything, taking four months off, moving to the mountains, beginning everything again. 

Accomplishing Big Things

Aaron McHugh at the podium

Acting Like a Pro 8 Minutes At a Time

Big goals are sexy. We love the idea of tackling big life-changing achievements. A funny thing though, not everyone makes it to the finish line.

But what happens when we start breaking down those big goals and finding a space for them in the small margins? In this keynote, I’ll teach your team how Acting Like a Pro 8 minutes At a Time will transform how they maximize their small margins to help:

  • Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Identify the voice of the Amateur and the Pro in your life
  • Understand the next right thing is within your control
  • Regain power over the story you want to live

Aaron McHugh was an outstanding keynote at USA Cycling’s 2016 Coaching Summit. In the coaching world it is imperative to be and act like a pro. Aaron’s anecdotal stories and life experiences were easy for coaches to understand and apply to their world. Aaron knows what it means to go PRO.”

—Kevin Dessart, Director Coaching Education and Athlete Development, USA Cycling 

This keynote is based on my book Fire Your Boss and my writing on Acting Like a Pro 8 Minutes at a Time.

Aaron McHugh Speaking at conference