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Discover the art of making adjustments in your approach, your thinking, your beliefs, and habits. The rewards are doing work you love and living your life with joy, adventure, and connection.

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Change Your Life by Unlocking Your True Motivation with Bryan Falchuk #179

Transcending the Cult of Average with Tom Davis #178

Why We Need a Whole Heart| My talk from my book release #177

Feast or Famine? Walking Over the Edge with Alastair Humphreys #176

Peb Jackson on Emptying Yourself and Blank Spots on the Map #175

Connector. Inviter. Truthteller Leith McHugh #174

Running Home with Runner & Author Katie Arnold #173

Closing the Gap- Launch Day #172

Breaking Radio Silence My New Book #171

The Far Green Country with Eli Pyke #170

When You Deny You’re Burning Out with Jen Fisher #169

And Sons & The Young Man’s Soul Episode #168

Mapping The Health of Your Relationships | Reboot Live Part 3 | Episode #167

What Do You Value Most? | Reboot Live Part 2 | Episode #166

Mapping What Matters Most Reboot Live | Part 1 | Episode #165

Listening To The Voice of Light and Easy Episode #164

Revealing Light From Darkness with Artist Mark Evans Episode #163

Beyond Profits at Hari Mari with Jeremy Stewart Episode #162

How to Keep Hope Alive Episode #161

I Bet My Life On What I Believe Episode #160

Taking the Next Brave Step Episode #159

Are You Sure? Maybe There’s Another Way Episode #158

The Hardest Part of Letting Go with Alex Woodard Episode #157

Meaningful Work with Shawn Askinosie Episode #156

Top Ten Reasons Why We Do Not Change Episode #155

Who Am I with Ryan Miller Episode #154

Start Balancing with Kristy Dickerson Episode #153

Permission Slips Episode #152

Adding Intention to Your Life Through Your Money with Jesse Mecham Episode #151

Fully Alive with Ben Moon Episode #150

Essentialism: Less, But Better with Greg McKeown Part 2 Episode #149

Essentialism: Less, But Better with Greg McKeown Part 1 Episode #148

BIG LOVE Has Our Back with Ashton Gustafson Episode #147

Leave No Good Thing Left Unsaid Episode #146

A Chat with Guy Kawasaki Episode #145

Hidden Downsides of Being a Digital Nomad with Brian David Crane Episode #144

Why We Should Ask For Help Episode #143

The Business of Being a Writer with Joanna Penn Episode #142

I Quit My Job Then Drove 3,000 Miles to Clear My Head Episode #141

Dispatch: Pausing For a VW Bus Road Trip West Episode #140

Regain Your Taste For Adventure with Family Man John Montgomery Episode #139

100,000 Downloads: Then & Now Morgan Snyder Interviews Me Episode #138

How Our Disappointments Reveal What We Believe Episode #137

The Art of Reframing Episode #136

Reboot Your Life Recap Episode #135

Drafting On An Elbow Episode #134

Looking to the Finish Line Episode #133

Jack O’Neill and Cary Pierce of Jackopierce Episode #132

Check Engine Lights and Life Dashboards Episode #131

We’ve Forgotten How to Play Episode #130

Finding Your Sweet Spot Episode #129

Do Less Better Episode #128

From Busy to Burn Out with Bryan Buckley Episode #127

Why I Took Three Months Off From This Podcast Episode #126

Obsessed to Push with Tommy Caldwell Episode #125

Be the Hero of Your Life Episode #124

Protect the Asset Episode #123

Vagabonding and the Art of Living Curiously with Rolf Potts Episode #122

Living on Purpose: Creating a Life List Episode #121

Fire Your Boss @ USA Cycling Episode #120

Pause: Harnessing the Life-Changing Power of Giving Yourself A Break with Rachael O’Meara Episode #119

The Practice of Being Brave with David Wilcox Episode #118

The Periodic Table & The Raw Materials of Your Life Episode #117

Rebooting Your Life with Leith McHugh Episode #116

Here’s to the Mess We Make Episode #115

Purposely Merging Work, Life and Play Together with Allan Branch Episode #114

Adventure Log from Sea Kayaking the Sea of Cortez Episode #113

Everyday Acts of Courage with Andy Molinsky Episode #112

I Might Die! I Might Live Episode #111

All You Need to Fix Your Life: Make 2 Degree Adjustments Episode #110

Living Like a Tourist in Your Own Town Episode #109

Learning to Budget Your Emotional Energy Investments & Expenditures Episode #108

Why We’re Restoring the Joy Bus and Chasing Dreams Together Episode #107

Who Would You Rob a Bank With Episode #106

Finding What You’re Searching For Episode #105

Fulfillment Doesn’t Come From Victory with Chris Lieto Episode #104

In Memories We Were Rich Episode #103

Performance Breakthrough with Cathy Salit Episode #102

Be the Hero of Your Life Episode #101

Keep Going Episode #100

How Men Become Emotionally Honest with Andrew Reiner Episode #99

Rescuing Daughters & Sons From Modern Slavery with Exodus Road Episode #98

Retracing the Legendary Road to Sparta with Dean Karnazes Episode #97

The Lesson of ISOLATION with Filmmakers David Guersan and Mathieu Bernat Episode #96

The Raging Sloth Living with Real Limitations Eric Eaton Episode #95

Restoring Balance Part 5 Geography Isn’t the Problem Episode #94

Beyond Everest: Leaving Behind More Than Boot Tracks Jake Norton #93

Restoring Balance Part 4 Accepting Your Limitations Episode #92

Capture More Attention with Dan Roam Episode #91

Restoring Balance Part 2 Stop Multitasking Episode #89

Restoring Balance Part 1 Changing Your Atmosphere Episode #88

Off the Map with Andrew Skurka Episode #87

Milestone Marker of Five Years Episode #86

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life Episode #85

Sharing Our Life, Love & Food with Elayne Prechtel Episode #83

A Church, a Gym and a Bar: The Unmistakeable Creative with Srinivas Rao Episode #82

Creating a Haven of Peace with Joanne Miller Episode #81

Adventure: Knowing When to Turn Around Episode #80

How to Scale Influence with Carl Richards Episode #79

The Narrative I Tell Myself Every Day Episode #78

Honorable Work and The Short Bus Episode #77

Betting on Yourself Episode #76

Rage Against the Minivan with Kristen Howerton Episode #75

Choosing Humility over Humiliation Episode #74

Adventuring Outside Your Tribe Episode #73

Mercenaries and Missionaries Episode #72

The Pressure of Perfection Episode #71

Art with a Soul with Kevin Butler Episode #70

The Third Way Episode #69

Simplicity: The Secret Weapon Behind Apple’s Success with Ken Segall Episode #68

Live a YES Life Episode #67

How to Cheat Business Travel Episode #66

What Anxiety is Trying to Teach You Episode #65

Your Good Amount of Weird Episode #64

9 Ways We Rebooted Our Life Episode #63

All the Roots Grow Deeper When It’s Dry Episode #62

Live a Better Story with Your Kids: Take a Road Trip Episode #61

Your Day Job is Not Enough with Patrick McGinnis Episode #60

48 Days to the Work You Love with Dan Miller Episode #59

Ben Lecomte Plans to Swim the Pacific Ocean Episode #58

A Story Worth Living with John Eldredge Episode #57

Net Worth Measured in Experiences with Cedar Wright Episode #56

How to Be Here with Rob Bell Episode #55

How I Burned Out and Came Back Episode #54

Chasing Adventure: Joshua Tree National Park Episode #53 Part 2

Chasing Adventure: Be Where You Are Episode #53 Part 1

Chasing Adventure: Looking For Authentic Connections Episode #52

Chasing Adventure: Be Willing to Be the Novice Episode #51

Chasing Adventure: Reaching for the Full Length of Fun Episode #50

Chasing Adventure: My Wallet Isn’t the Solution Episode #49

Rhythm and Flow Episode #48

Love Wins In Marriage Episode #47

Conrad Anker: Be Good. Be Kind. Be Happy. Episode #45

Fire Your Boss: A Manifesto to Rethink How You Think About Work Episode #44

Don’t Do It For Fame. Don’t Neglect Your Relationships Episode #43

Be Consistent and Do Work You Love Episode #42

Living Adventurously: Uncovering Your Inner Adventurer Episode #41

The Trifecta of Work Life Play Episode #40

Living Life Without Regrets: How to Ask the Toughest Questions with Filmmaker Yogi Roth Episode #39

Microadventures: Great Escapes Out Your Front Door with Alastair Humphreys Episode #38

Rebalance Your Career in Less Than 30 Minutes Episode #37

99 Ways to Live Your Best Life Episode #36

Blowing up my life to start over Episode #35

How Making Micro-Adjustments Can Produce More Joy Episode #34

What if No One Likes What You Create Episode #33

Acting Like a Pro Eight Minutes at a Time Episode #32

How to Become Emotionally Fit with Miles Adcox, CEO of Onsite Episode #31

The Transformative Power of Adventure: Sea Kayaking in Scotland Episode #30

Carl Richards New York Times Columnist The Sketch Guy Episode #29

Tripp Crosby Interview: A Conference Call in Real Life Episode #28

Why We Need Two-Week Vacations Episode #27

What to Do When It’s Your Turn with Seth Godin Episode #26

Interview with Mike Reilly: The Voice of IRONMAN Episode #25

Will Paddle for Whiskey | Adventure Journalist Andrew Todhunter Episode #24

Stop Working the Old Way with Inventor Martin Keen Episode #23

Interview with Jia Jiang Author of Rejection Proof: How to Beat Fear and Become Invincible Episode #22

How to Make Sense of Your Career | Pamela Slim Body of Work Episode #21

Make Something and See What People Do With It- Gary Hirsch Episode #20

Joy, Inc. How We Built a Workplace People Love with CEO Rich Sheridan Episode #19

The Art and Science behind Survival & Resilience with Laurence Gonzales Episode #18

Ambassador of Passion UltraMarathon Man Dean Karnazes Episode #17

Leap: Leaving a Job with No Plan B with Tess Vigeland Episode #16

Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur | Pam Slim Episode #15

Become Brilliant, Prolific and Healthy-Todd Henry Episode #14

The Life of Walt Disney: Our Failures Can Make Us Great Episode #13

Don’t Quit Your Job. Fire Your Boss Episode #12

Why Sitting is the Smoking of Our Generation | Nilofer Merchant Episode #11

How Lifestyle Fitness Can Change Your Entire Life Episode #10

Essential Keys to Success for every Entrepreneur from IdeaMensch Episode #9

Living the Truest Version of You Episode #8

Mike Field and How to Live a Happier Existence with Less Episode #7

One Year Later Roundtable discussion with Seth Godin MB Graduates Episode #6

Building a Top Comedy Podcast Network with Jeff Ullrich Episode #5

Interview with World Changer Lisa-Marie Cabrelli Episode #4

How to Stop Waiting for Permission to do Great Work: Erica Dhawan Episode #3

Kickstarter Success Bluff Works raises $128K Episode #2

Interview with Jeff Goins: Author, Blogger, Tribe leader Episode #1

Seth Godin Medicine Ball Session