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Martin Keen-CEO & Co-Founder Focal Upright

Meet Mr. Revolution Rarely do we see revolutionary change.  Most products experience incremental revision.  Meet Mr. Revolution himself, Martin Keen.  You know Martin Keen, but you know him as KEEN. In 2003, he created one of the fastest growing outdoor brands in the world, KEEN footwear. Like every great inventor, Martin was ready for a new […]

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bringing big ideas to light

Subscribe in iTunes 1200 entrepreneurs later the survey says…. According to Mario Schultzke, German immigrant turned entrepreneur and founder of IdeaMensch, in interviewing over 1200 entrepreneurs from across the globe there are a few essential keys to success for every entrepreneur trying to start something: You have to be all in. No one cares about […]

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World Changer Today I had the privilege of [Podcast] interviewing Erica Dhawan. Erica has one of those resumes that gives me pause. Forbes writer Keynote speaker Harvard graduate Entrepreneur Consultant In this interview Erica and I discuss: Why you should stop asking for permission from others? Choosing a life of impact instead of following the herd. […]

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Bluff Works

What is the Magic to raising $128K on Kickstarter? How do you raise $100K on Kickstarter? What are the key ingredients for success on Kickstarter?  Make sure you don’t do……? Have you considered starting your own campaign to fuel your entrepreneurial idea? Before you do, you should listen to Stefan Loble, founder of Bluff Works, tell […]

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