first marathon

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Photo @1997 Rich Cruise Ironman Finish line

My definition of wisdom is doing something wrong so many times; you finally learn know how to do it right. The first time I learned this lesson was while I was on all fours crawling towards the finish line. When I was younger, I saw wise people seemingly make fewer mistakes. As I watched them […]

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Aaron Xterra 2004

For most people, the fitness goals they committed to on January 1st are broken. It might even feel like a recurring story of the past few years. You know you want to feel better, sleep better and look better. Yet life is stuffed full of millions of conflicting priorities. I think you’re going to love […]

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photo by ashokboghani

Have you ever stood on a precipice? In the high mountains of Colorado you can find them. They can be very steep, rocky, catwalks across the sky.  On one side the ledge gives way to a thousand foot drop over a series of connected troughs and boulders. On the other side, a sheer drop hundreds […]

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