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Jia Jiang Tedx Austin

Rejection.  No one likes it. No one craves it. No one is immune to its effects. Through pain avoidance, we tend to steer clear of any potential circumstance that we anticipate hearing the word “NO”.  The problem with rejection is that it can leave us paralyzed and immobilized for the future. Here is the key […]

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Moon Up Close by Gustavo (creative commons)

The more innovative the more barriers the status quo will erect in your way. Guy Kawasaki Innovation can be like selling tickets to the moon There is a direct correlation between how innovative your product (or idea) is and how many barriers you will encounter. Every product faces barriers. If you have personal experience with […]

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Photo provided by Medicine Ball

In today’s episode you will hear from Paul Farmiga, Bill Self and Jim Fitzpatrick. Each were members of last year’s Medicine Ball three-day intensive with Seth Godin. You will enjoy hearing about how their thinking was re-shaped and how that has woven into their careers these last twelve months. Special thanks to Justin Lukasavige for […]

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Subscribe in iTunes Financial Guy Turned CEO In this episode I will be speaking with Jeff Ullrich. He is the CEO and co-founder of Earwolf Media.   Jeff and I were classmates last year at Seth Godin’s Medicine Ball. Jeff and his partner and co-founder Scott Aukerman launched Earwolf Media from a fourteen-page business plan now […]

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Seth Godin's Medicine Ball

  Today I am interviewing Lisa-Marie Cabrelli. Lisa-Marie and I met at Seth Godin’s Medicine Ball course last year. She has a super-power. I can teach anyone to make money from anywhere at anytime. People who do not purpose to change the world assume it is easy for those who do. It is not. People who […]

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World Changer Today I had the privilege of [Podcast] interviewing Erica Dhawan. Erica has one of those resumes that gives me pause. Forbes writer Keynote speaker Harvard graduate Entrepreneur Consultant In this interview Erica and I discuss: Why you should stop asking for permission from others? Choosing a life of impact instead of following the herd. […]

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