Tim Ferriss

Category: Life
Photo by Eleonora Sica (Creative Commons)

Opt-out of something today. There is liberation in opting out.  It helps turn down the volume of noise in our lives. In some cases by opting-out you can create room in your life for more good things. What would be helpful for you to reduce?   Hours watching television? Hours reading news articles? Bags of […]

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Category: Life, Why you should keep going?, Work
Photo by Padsbrother (Creative Commons)

Have you ever stopped to plot where you are on the continuum of the Law of 10,000 Hours? Where are you in time, experience and performance? Are you at the beginning?  Are you in the middle or are you approaching arrival? Are we willing to put in the “Junk Miles” to get there? I have considered three categories of my […]

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