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Six to Ten hours a week I chose this.

This is a post about choices. I need to first set the scene so that you can understand how I discovered this nugget of truth. Yesterday I rode (cycled) 120 miles in preparation for an upcoming race. Five weeks from today, I am competing in my second IRONMAN Triathlon. The IRONMAN  was originally cooked up by […]

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Aaron Xterra 2004

For most people, the fitness goals they committed to on January 1st are broken. It might even feel like a recurring story of the past few years. You know you want to feel better, sleep better and look better. Yet life is stuffed full of millions of conflicting priorities. I think you’re going to love […]

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13 miles on an off-road triathlon mountain bike course without a seat

-call one more time. -wait one more day. -breath in and out. -remind yourself it’s worth the sacrifice. -try something outlandish. -ask for help even though you think you know the answer. -hold your breath, wait, exhale, repeat. -think of how you will feel in a week when the pain is over, but the goal […]

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