Ambassador of Passion UltraMarathon Man Dean Karnazes Episode #17

Aaron McHugh


“I’d rather be doing what I love”.

Kind, humble, all-inclusive, Dean Karnazes is more than a runner.

He is an ambassador of passion.

It’s important to hear that Dean’s mission is not to convert you to become a runner or attempt to run ridiculous amounts of miles.

Instead Dean believes that his story should encourage you to wrestle with your pre-conceived ideas about life.

He attempted the well-traveled path of a big corporate job, business school and financial success.

He had a Jerry Maguire moment and walked out of a bar on his thirtieth birthday started running and hasn’t stopped since.  He started re-architecting his life and over the period of years he transitioned out of his day job and into becoming a full-time ultra-runner.

Dean cruising his home trails in Marin County
Dean cruising his home trails in Marin County

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Podcast Highlights:

  • What Dean’s wife said when he announced his desire to resign from his job?
  • What race is he most proud of completing?
  • How the classroom of running has translated to lessons for life and business?
  • How you can join Dean for a run at a North Face Endurance Challenge?
  • What races did he not finish the first two times?
  • Why he wanted you to come join him during his 50 Marathons, 50 States in 50 Days?

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