Make Something and See What People Do With It- Gary Hirsch Episode #20

Aaron McHugh


I’ve not met many people who give their work away for free. I’ve met even fewer people who would be willing to give up receiving feedback or accolades for their work. Most people want fame or fortune or notoriety for their life’s work. Most writers want a book deal if they write a book. Most speakers want applause if they give a speech. Most consultants want a fee for their advice.

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Make Something and See What Happens

Bansky Graffiti Art
Banksy Graffiti Art

Have you heard of the famous British graffiti artist Banksy?  He’s the political activist, artist, painter who under the cover of darkness creates provocative street art at subway stations or high-profile city skyline locations.

Once the masterpiece is plotted he quickly exits the stage he just erected.

Bansky throws up unsanctioned homages and then leaves the message to be translated by others.

He didn’t issue a press release saying,

I take credit for this latest work, here is what it is about and why I did it.


Crickets chirped.

The News Media speculated and he said nothing.

Do Your Work Then Leave

It appears that Banksy is willing to give up the influence over the interpretation of his art.  He doesn’t seem to need to be there to interact with the crowd as they muse over his graffiti message.

I am not sure that I would be willing to receive zero credit or any recognition for my work.
I find that quality fairly remarkable.

Make your art and release it into the world trusting that a new story will be created but you won’t be there to see it unfold.

Giving Your Art Away to Make the World a Better Place

Enter Stage Left:
Let me introduce you to Gary Hirsch.

Gary is an entrepreneur, a doodler and an improvisation artist.

Gary loves making incomplete stories.  He’s comfortable with the tension of the unknown and the awkwardness of the unrehearsed.

Gary’s day job is running his company, On Your Feet. He teaches improvisation stage techniques to improve communication between business people.

BotJoy Enters the Scene

Just When You Need It
Just When You Need Them

What if you had your very own robot that was programmed to give you joy?

Sam-you’re so strong-you should go for it.

Ben-You’re the man what are you waiting for?

Nancy-You’re just as brave as you need to be today 

Gary’s four year running project has compelled him to hand paint over 25,000 Joy Bots and Brave Bots.  Like Banksy, most of the powerful effects that his Bots have on people doesn’t make their way back to him.

Gary leaves them in cities like New York and Portland and leaves the story to be told by us.  He’s not in control of the story. He’s not in control of influencing the stories direction or outcome.

Leaving behind hand-painted Bot Joy’s releases the stories to occur without any supervision or structure.

He leaves his thumbprints on the art and then leaves the improvisation of the story to unfold.

Come on-who doesn’t want their very own robot?

How cool would it be if you found your very own robot hidden on a park bench in Central Park who forever forward feeds you outrageous doses of courage?

Get Your Very Own Robot

Check out Gary’s Bot Joy site

More on Bot Joy

Bots are the brainchildren of artist Gary Hirsch. They are a continuous experiment in bringing more surprise and delight into the world . Each Bot is a hand painted, signed and numbered, one-of-a-kind art object. They are programmed to give you outrageous compliments, help you be brave, take all of the blame, even clone you so you can get more done. Help get more surprise and delight out into the world: steal this idea , make some Bots yourself and leave them for a stranger to find…

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