How to Make Sense of Your Career | Pamela Slim Body of Work Episode #21

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Pamela Slim‘s new book, Body of Work, will help you find the thread that ties your career story together.

In this podcast interview with Pam she will help you define and understand the subtext of your seemingly disjointed career.

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Pam says…

Your Body of Work is everything you create, contribute, affect and impact.

For individuals, it is the personal legacy you leave at the end of your life, including all of the tangible
and intangible things you have created.

For organizations, it is the products, property, inventions, ideas and value they share
throughout the course of their existence.

All of the pieces, parts and fragments of what you do at work and away from work assemble together to create your Body of Work.

Pam Slim Corporate Escapee
Pam Slim Corporate Escapee

Here is the lay of the land:

  1. The world of work is permanently not stable
  2. You need to have a backup plan
  3. Uncertainty, fear and doubt are inevitable parts of building a body of work

How are we going respond to change?

I’ve witnessed many people stay in jobs that make them miserable out of fear.  None of those people have a handle on the value of their Body of Work.

As a result, they lay paralyzed when they could be out running the countryside.  Pam’s book will help those people who

  • Don’t feel confident in their job market positioning
  • Can’t seem to tell a good story about their career changes
  • Need to find and leverage their hidden talents

How to Make Sense of Your Career | Pamela Slim’s Body of Work Podcast Highlights:

  • How to sell your career story?
  • How to mitigate risk of loosing your job?
  • How to define what success means to you?
  • What is the kind of work that is meaningful to you?
  • How to develop an intense devotion to your craft?
  • Defining a work mode that works best for you?

*Podcast was recorded in January 2014.

Pam’s formal Bio:

Pamela Slim is former corporate manager, entrepreneur, and acclaimed author of Escape from Cubicle Nation.  Her blog, by the same name, is one of the top career and marketing blogs in the world. She is an expert in career guidance and brand reinvention.

Check her out at 

Body of Work-Published December 31st, 2013 by Portfolio
| Penguin Group USA |

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