99 Ways to Live Your Best Life Episode #36

Aaron McHugh


Two years ago, I wrote a post about 99 Uncensored Ways to Live Life. I was on a long flight from Denver to the East Coast when I cracked open a new book to read on the plane. Immediately, I was struck by a new awareness of my motive behind always buying new books, “I was searching for answers.”

I realized that at a deep level I was on a quest to live my best life. The questions I was asking were the same with every new title, “How do I have better or more…”

  • Health
  • Sex
  • Finances
  • Success
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Adventure
  • Spiritual Life

The epiphany concluded with realizing that the answers are relatively the same from one book to the next. I opened my journal and penned all 99 Ways in one continuous stream assembling all of the wisdom I’d collected.

I’m offering this podcast and Free Guide as a curator of 99 of the greatest and most challenging truths that I’ve discovered along my forty-three years.

Today’s podcast unpacks the 99 Ways to Live Your Best life and some of the philosophy that drives my approach to this list.

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 Highlights from 99 Ways to Live Your Best Life

  • Set a specific directional bearing on the course you want to take in Work Life Play
  • Topics have a wide range: managing money, marriage, pursuing fame, becoming a better boss, personal fitness.
  • Hear two of the backstories behind 99 Ways:
    • 10// Don’t dip your quill in company ink
    • 04// Don’t neglect your relationships
  • Understand how to master the art of living a sustainable work-life-play balance

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99 ways, change your life forever!

These 99 Ways are a collection of curated principles that provide you a full-on chance to become the best version of yourself.

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Aaron McHugh Profile Once you sign up, you will receive backstories behind each of the 99 Ways. These are the most intimate explanations of how each of the 99 Ways disrupted and defined my life today. Many will have a humorous twist while some will have a gut-punching truth if we don’t embody their principles.

My hope is that you will be inspired and encouraged.

Change is tough

No one truly likes change when it threatens the status quo of what’s comfortable. The 99 Ways to Live Your Best Life is about embracing change for a better future. You will be stretched, irritated, inspired, encouraged, challenged, humbled and faced with new opportunities to become a better you.

My advice? Don’t be shy. Have courage. Do what needs to be done so your impact and relationships will be stronger and greater than ever. I promise you, this journey is so worth the investment.

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