Fire Your Boss: A Manifesto to Rethink How You Think About Work Episode #44

Aaron McHugh


My first book is now available on Amazon. After twenty years of going to work everyday, I have discovered a set of deep convictions that have revolutionized the way I experience work everyday. I believe that you and I both want to enjoy going to work everyday. I believe that we deserve to be recognized for the great work that you do. I believe that “Good Enough” isn’t an acceptable way to invest our career. This book is my disruptive alternative for a better way to work.

It’s time to make a ruckus. It’s time to give your boss the boot.

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Podcast Highlights: Why I wrote this book Fire Your Boss

  • How I discovered that my own career dissatisfactions had themes that followed me everywhere I worked.
  • How the movie Shawshank Redemption helped me describe what I saw happening in my career.
  • The two choices of leadership:
    • Become apart of the solution or
    • Choose to be an accomplice to the disfunction.
  • How good times, great teams, great leadership are easy and GOOD to enjoy but too are a season.
  • The nature of business is constant change:
    • Changing markets
    • Buy-outs, mergers, acquisitions, re-organization, new owners, new bosses, and layoffs
  • How the first two minutes of the movie Jerry Maguire exposed where my career went wrong.
  • Why we I needed to Fire My Boss in order to Rethink How I Think About Work.

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Full Book Description

Work can’t be about survival. The work experience should be full of the mystery of adventure, the melding of challenge and reward, the fostering of joy, encouragement, and growth. Work is where we can alter the white space before us for good.

We must reclaim our place as pioneers of new outcomes. We are the inventors of new solutions, designers of new products, dreamers of new possibilities, and architects of a better tomorrow. We must re-infuse our work with challenge, reward, zest, zeal, fun, laughter, creativity, and unapologetic hope.

You hold in your hands a disrupting alternative for a better way to work. This book is the string leading you to the exit door out of the maze of your own career dissatisfaction to a better way of experiencing work.

Fire Your Boss: A Manifesto to Rethink How You Think About Work will liberate your career forever. You will discover how to plot a new course of career freedom and start enjoying your work every day.

It’s time to make a ruckus. It’s time to give your boss the boot.

This book is for you if you:
1. Want to enjoy going to work each day.
2. Feel confident that your career is too important to approach with apathy.
3. Want to gain greater influence at work.
4. Are ready to rethink how you think about work.
5. Have tried everything else and it did NOT work.

After reading this manifesto, you’ll be able to:
1. Establish new strategies for interacting with your boss and company.
2. Know how to obtain the freedom to offer your best in any job.
3. Receive the attention and recognition you deserve.
4. Understand why quitting your job won’t help you.