Conrad Anker: Be Good. Be Kind. Be Happy. Episode #45

Aaron McHugh


I met Conrad Anker on top of Boulder’s First Flatiron. He was wearing a chalk bag and a pair of rock shoes. One thousand feet off the deck, we occupied a twenty square foot summit point. My friend Matt Dealy and I were inspired to bang off the rust on our climbing skills and gear after seeing Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk in Meru.

Meeting Conrad Anker atop the First Flatiron
Meeting Conrad Anker atop the First Flatiron

You know Conrad Anker. You just might not realize how or why you know him. Let me be your tour guide circa de Conrad Anker’s career mile markers. You will quickly recollect how you already know him. His personal mantra is Be Good. Be Kind. Be Happy. In this podcast interview, you’ll hear how this approach to Work Life Play fits one of the top Alpinists in the world today.

Meru Expedition, Garwhal, India
Meru Expedition, Garwhal, India @Jimmy Chin

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The North Face – Alpine Climbing Team

Conrad Anker
Conrad Anker: Be Good. Be Kind. Be Happy

Have you bought anything with The North Face logo on it? Ski Jacket, Tent, Backpack, Technical T-shirt? Chances are that Conrad Anker gear-tested that piece of equipment on some remote Himalayan mountain to make sure it was going to be:

  • Warm enough to sleep in;
  • Tough enough to keep out the weather;
  • Burly enough to stand up against the wind.

Check out his career resume page on The North Face’s team athlete website. The dude is legit.

The North Face Meru Expedition, 2011 @Jimmy Chin
The North Face Meru Expedition, 2011 @Jimmy Chin

Ghosts of Everest-1924 First Attempt on Everest

Ghosts of Everest available on Amazon
Ghosts of Everest available on Amazon

Conrad Anker and a team of mountaineers (Jake Norton, Eric Simonson) discovered George Mallory’s seventy-five-year-old mummified climber’s body at 27,000 feet on the wind-scoured slopes of Mount Everest. In the history of Everest, this was a BIG DEAL. Read more on the Ghosts of Everest.

His Best Friend and Climbing Partner Died

Alex Lowe and Conrad Anker-The Dynamic Duo of Mountains
Alex Lowe and Conrad Anker – The Dynamic Duo of Mountains

On October 5th, 1999 while climbing together on Shisha Pangma, the world’s 14th highest mountain, Alex Lowe, Conrad’s best friend and climbing partner was killed in an avalanche. Conrad walked away from the avalanche. Subsequently, Conrad and Alex’s bereaved wife Jennifer Lowe-Anker “grew” into love. They’ve been married for fifteen years and are raising their sons together. Beautiful story! Go Conrad & Jenny!

MERU Film-Jimmy Chin, Renan Ozturk, Conrad Anker

Meru Film-Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin

MERU documentary film is sweeping the charts on iTunes with a Blu-Ray and DVD Release and a cross-country theatre release stretching from silver screens to sofas. MERU made its debut at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT and w0n the Audience Choice Award. Conrad’s climbing partners Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk are not only climbing legends but now also suburbia’s heroes. This is a jaw-dropping human story of triumph and suffering. Big mountains are the context in which the story takes place, but you don’t need to know anything about mountains to love this film.

National Parks Adventure IMAX Film

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike”.
John Muir, 1912

Watch the Trailer

National Parks Adventure IMAX Film
National Parks Adventure IMAX Film

MacGillivray Freeman Films brings to IMAX and giant screens everywhere a film to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the U.S. National Parks Service and the importance of the wilderness they protect.

Conrad Anker, Rachel Pohl, and Max Lowe (Conrad’s son) are the adventurers that lead us on a tour of the wild places available to us within the National Parks. The road trip spans from Yosemite, Devils Tower, Arches, Redwoods, and Karmai, to Pictured Rocks National Sea Shore in Michigan. Conrad, Rachel, and Max invite us to discover more about our National Parks, some of our greatest national treasures.

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  1. Enjoyed the podcast, Aaron. The story of Conrad finding Mallory’s remains and personal effects on Everest is fascinating. Meru was an amazing film — the beautiful filming, Conrad and Jenni’s story, Renan’s injury and recovery. I opened up the newspaper this morning and there was an article about the National Parks film. So many layers of fascinating.

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