9 Ways We Rebooted Our Life Episode #63

Aaron McHugh


My wife Leith McHugh was interviewed last week on Rob Bell’s Robcast Episode 99 | Leith McHugh on Rebooting Your Life. You will want to listen to this powerful interview. I put together a summary of the nine key areas that were part of our Life Reboot. In this podcast, I walk through each of these key Reboot categories and how to evaluate your own need for a Life Reboot.

  1. Plot the trajectory and course that you are on right now

  2. Recognize that the greatest risk is doing nothing different

  3. Get off your hamster wheel

  4. Sell all of your stuff

  5. Renovate your relationships

  6. Let go of what’s not working

  7. Be willing to risk it all

  8. Expect other people to think you are crazy

  9. Embrace uncertainty


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