And Sons & The Young Man’s Soul Episode #168

Aaron McHugh


Today’s interview is with Blaine and Sam Eldredge with And Son’s Magazine. We talk about their eight-year dream of creating a print magazine, the power of transformation v.s. entertainment, masculinity as a lens by which we can view everything else, in defense of millennials, the joy of words, vulnerability and going first, the temptation to quit, brotherhood and hearing God’s voice.

The And Sons Print

The And Sons Staff

Six years in the making, and finally.

The first hardcopy edition of And Sons Magazine, a young men’s magazine, with a Christian worldview, that’s actually worth the read. Here it is.

For years we’ve published online, made films, developed a podcast, all to answer one question: how does a young man mature his soul?

We’re rolling out a magazine that demonstrates, in example after example, exactly that. Twice a year and a backissue, all for 30 bucks a year.

Volume 1 starts mountain biking in the desert and moves on to pursuing a woman through adventure. It explores loving the poor and learning to hear the voice of God. Caribou hunting and marksmanship, charcuterie, fly fishing and prayer, even the never-before-released backstory of the A Story Worth Living film. Here’s a straightforward, eminently practical exploration of the young man’s life, written by guys living it.

Want to come along? Go to our store here.

And Sons full color print edition volume 1 is part art, part story, part soul and wrapped in the beauty and the mess of life.
And Sons initiation and the young man’s soul all 112 pages first edition Volume 1 available for subscription order

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