A Story Worth Living with John Eldredge Episode #57

Aaron McHugh


I picked John up in my 1974 VW Joy Bus and we found a semi-quiet trailhead to park and do the interview in my bus. Friends, I want you to go see this one night movie event in nationwide theaters on Thursday, May 19th. John Eldredge and his sons (check out bios on the entire team) have made an adventure film that I’m stoked about you experiencing. It’s titled, A Story Worth Living (CLICK HERE to view the Trailer). Ransomed Heart has secured theaters across the country to view this film, so you can be assured that there is a theater near you (CLICK HERE to find a theater near you).

A story worth living with John Eldredge
A story worth living with John Eldredge

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Podcast Highlights

John’s best known as an author of the best selling book for men, Wild at HeartDiscovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul. His latest project, A Story Worth Living Film was inspired by the film series, A Long Way Round starring Charlie Boorman and Ewan Mcgregor. Aiming to make twelve new short films as a follow up to their first film series, Killing Lions, they leaned into a dream of riding 1,000 miles through the Colorado Backcountry on adventure motorcycles. I drove with Jon Dale to buy one of the used BMW GS Adventure bikes in Grand Junction, CO from New York Times best-selling author, Carl Richards.

Adventure trips can produce a lot of hardship. The film captures the human connections of friendship, conversations and honest connections while navigating the mountainous terrain.

The night of the premier, they will show an interview at the end of the film with Charlie Boorman. Check out the partners who have helped support this adventure film.

Here’s what the media is saying about the film


Six novice riders – father, sons and friends – take on the Colorado backcountry on BMW F800GS Adventure motorcycles to create a documentary about life, meaning and the longing to be part of an adventure bigger than one’s self that is written on every human heart.  


Everyone is looking for a story worth living,” is the line that opens the film—an adventure narrative that captures the highs and lows of dual-sport riding, including a bone-breaking crash on Engineer Pass.


It’s not often you meet someone with such a sweet gentle spirit. But that’s exactly what you encounter when coming into contact with New York Times best-selling author of Wild at Heart, John Eldredge. Read Full Article

A Story Worth Living Film Trailer
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4 thoughts on “A Story Worth Living with John Eldredge Episode #57

  1. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!! This is the first time in my life that I want to warn people not to go see a movie. This movie sucked. It is a story of a story of a story.
    There is nothing here. It tries really hard to be of some meaning but
    has none. It is an insult to series like A Long Way Around and A river
    Runs Through it to even be mentioned. I wanted to yell at the screen a
    few times because it was so forced. Here is a thought, tell us where you
    are, where you are going. Talk about things that happen on the trip and
    do not force scripted stories. I want my time back, complete waste

    1. Hi Frank-Thanks for taking the time to write your comment. Sorry to hear that it was such a frustrating experience. In case your interested, my friend JD, one of the riders in the film, wrote an “open letter” in response to peoples disappointment. Here is the link http://www.astoryfilm.com/openletter . For me personally, I had a lot of personal connections to the film. I mountain biked the Colorado Trail two weeks before they filmed the movie with one of the guys on the film crew. So I was pretty enthralled in the footage. I also know a few of the guys who helped make the film happen. I hear you on the comparison part with Long Way Round or A River Runs Through It. Those are pretty epic stories that both influenced the way I view adventure and fly fishing. Thanks for adding your voice here Frank. Hope you get outside soon. Aaron

  2. Sorry to read the post by Frank Lee. Last night myself and 5 of my long distance motorcycle friends sat in a full theater in Litiz, Pa. Following the film the lobby was filled with multiple small groups all talking about their experiences and/or upcoming dream rides. Yes, there are religion undertones in the film. So what. I’m a Buddhist and I truly felt these guys got it, understood the spirit of the ride and shared something from their lives. Many things that you must have missed. I, 4 day from today, will throw a leg over my 2000cc Kawasaki and ride from Arizona to Pennsylvania. 2354 miles over 11 days. Time allowed to enjoy all I encounter. What will you be doing? My hope is, you will be seeing the film again as a cycle enthusiast. I Carson

    1. Ira-I’m stoked to hear that you’re getting ready for an odyssey adventure over 2300 miles. That’s pretty bad ass. I’m not a motorcycle rider, but now I might consider becoming one. We took a couple friend of ours to the movie. He’s a physician and spends a lot of time in the OR and not riding his BWM adventure bike. Like some of the folks you encountered after the film, he said, “I’m going to go ride my bike”. I’m kinda like you (i’m guessing) when it comes to the spiritual elements. I spend a lot of time around people of all walks, beliefs, mantras and interpretations on spiritual things. I like the confluence of wilderness and friendship and spirituality….however one defines it. My goal here on Work Life Play is to make sure everyone knows they are invited. Thanks for adding your voice here Ira. So appreciate it. And so STOKED for your adventure. Love to hear about your trip. Here is my email am@aaronmchugh.com let me know how it goes. Aaron

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