Beyond Everest: Leaving Behind More Than Boot Tracks Jake Norton #93

Aaron McHugh


My friend Jake Norton is a world-renowned climber, photographer, filmmaker, philanthropist, and inspirational speaker. Based in Evergreen, Colorado, Jake’s worldwide adventures have taken him to the summit of Mount Everest (three times) and on expeditions on all seven continents.

Jake Norton, "High and Hallowed" Director and Producer.
Jake Norton, “High and Hallowed” Director and Producer.

I love Jake’s spirit. We met twenty years ago just before his famed 1999 Everest expedition discovering George Mallory’s body. He started climbing mountains at age 12 with the mountaineering legend Lou Whitaker.

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Jake Norton on Mount Kenya
Jake Norton on Mount Kenya

His photography has appeared in publications such as Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Forbes, and Oprah, while his film footage has been used in documentaries and television series.

As a speaker, Jake has inspired tens of thousands of people and companies worldwide to reach new summits and enjoy their climb to the top. He is also a sought-after trainer, conducting highly-interactive full and half day leadership and teamwork workshops for corporations and associations.

Jake on Mt Kenya
Jake on Mt Kenya

Jake is also an active philanthropist. He is an Ambassador – along with Reinhold Messner – for the United Nations’ Mountain Partnership, and in this role he advocates on behalf of mountains, mountain environments, and mountain peoples. In 2011, he founded Challenge21, a multi-year climbing and fundraising project dedicated to the global water crisis, and its solutions. To date, Jake has launched four Challenge21 expeditions, shared his message with over one million people worldwide, and raised some $300,000 for his non-profit partner, Water For People.

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Instagram @Mountainworld

Jake Norton and Dave Morton pass through the Calcutta train station on their Ganges River Expedition, 2013.
Jake Norton and Dave Morton pass through the Calcutta train station on their Ganges River Expedition, 2013.


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