Beyond Profits at Hari Mari with Jeremy Stewart Episode #162

Aaron McHugh


Here’s the story behind the story behind the story of how Hari Mari was born out of Jeremy’s journey of learning how to win the hearts and minds of people. Helping foreign presidents get elected and flip flops don’t seem like they connect-unless you’re Jeremy Stewart, CEO and founder of Hari Mari.

Jeremy’s a data-driven decision innovator. He gives us a deep-dive look behind the curtain of how marketers uncover what we want, need and would pay for. Hari Mari gives 1% of every sale to help fight pediatric cancer.

Jeremy Stewart, CEO and founder of Hari Mari revolutionizing joy on your feet
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Paying It Forward

Wanting to do more than just create a great flip flop and stunned to learn that pediatric cancer is the most fatal disease among American children – more fatal than almost all other childhood diseases combined – Hari Mari set out to help.

Sticking to those core tenets, we’ve grown a brand & broad-ranging line of flip flops around them. And, not satisfied with just making great flops, we also set out to help kids in-need by supporting kids & families battling cancer. We call it Flops Fighting Cancer.

Women’s flip flops by Hari Mari

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