Building a Top Comedy Podcast Network with Jeff Ullrich Episode #5

Aaron McHugh


Financial Guy Turned CEO

In this episode I will be speaking with Jeff Ullrich.

He is the CEO and co-founder of Earwolf Media.   Jeff and I were classmates last year at Seth Godin’s Medicine Ball.

Jeff and his partner and co-founder Scott Aukerman launched Earwolf Media from a fourteen-page business plan now a leading comedy podcast network.

Of the top comedy shows on iTunes, Earwolf dominates with seven in the Top Thirty.

Earwolf Media was founded in March 2010 and today produces 18-20 weekly shows.

They have produced over 1500-comedy podcast episodes totaling 4.5M downloads each month.

Their guest list is too long to list.


  • How they differentiate Earwolf podcasts from 300,000 other comedy podcasts.
  • How Jeff left the world of finance to start Earwolf with no podcast or live media experience.
  • Hear how they changed the rules of the game of selling advertising.

Earwolf Media’s Mantra:

  1. We create comedy, we don’t success it.
  2. Trust, intimacy and engagement with listeners.  
  3. Artist maintains the creative control.  

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9 thoughts on “Building a Top Comedy Podcast Network with Jeff Ullrich Episode #5

      1. Will do. BTW I host a show called BlogcastFM. If you are every looking for guests let me know. I’ve interviewed 300_+ people (Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, Danielle Laporte, and many others). I’ve grown it to more than 100k downloads per month.

  1. Great episode. I’m actually working on a fitness network, but looking to hire a high quality podcasting network manager who can handle things like sponsorship inquiries, host management, relations with iTunes, etc. Any ideas come to mind for where to find someone with this unique skillset?

  2. I just heard from Jeff Ullrich-CEO of Earwolf Media that he is resigning as CEO of , the podcast network he helped found. He will be transitioning into a board seat and pursuing new adventures.

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