Building a Top Comedy Podcast Network with Jeff Ullrich Episode #5

Aaron McHugh


Financial Guy Turned CEO

In this episode I will be speaking with Jeff Ullrich.

He is the CEO and co-founder of Earwolf Media.   Jeff and I were classmates last year at Seth Godin’s Medicine Ball.

Jeff and his partner and co-founder Scott Aukerman launched Earwolf Media from a fourteen-page business plan now a leading comedy podcast network.

Of the top comedy shows on iTunes, Earwolf dominates with seven in the Top Thirty.

Earwolf Media was founded in March 2010 and today produces 18-20 weekly shows.

They have produced over 1500-comedy podcast episodes totaling 4.5M downloads each month.

Their guest list is too long to list.


  • How they differentiate Earwolf podcasts from 300,000 other comedy podcasts.
  • How Jeff left the world of finance to start Earwolf with no podcast or live media experience.
  • Hear how they changed the rules of the game of selling advertising.

Earwolf Media’s Mantra:

  1. We create comedy, we don’t success it.
  2. Trust, intimacy and engagement with listeners.  
  3. Artist maintains the creative control.  

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