Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life Episode #85

Aaron McHugh


For five years, I’ve chased down and shared stories with you of Work Life Play. I’ve knocked on strangers doors, cold called CEO’s, drug microphones through airport screenings, interviewed mountaineers, best-selling authors, a sea kayaking guide on the sea shores of Scotland, mommy bloggers, ultra runners, triathletes, entrepreneurs and buddies on road trips.

Every word I’ve written and every podcast I’ve released has beat the drum of these mantras…

Create a life that matters to you.
The narrative we tell ourselves frames our life.
Work can’t be about survival.
Rethink work.
Live differently.
Capitalize on the small margins of your life, they add up.
Stay curious.
Live adventurously.
Learn to play.
Love the people that you’re with.

Five years later, I know I’m onto something.

Quantifiable Proof

Meet Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, co-authors of the Stanford course turned book providing a methodology to Designing Your Life: How to build a well-lived, joyful life. Our conversation provided me a meaningful crescendo to my two hundred and forty field reports here on Work Life Play. This book is new quantifiable proof to my work.

Click to Listen my interview with Bill & Dave


Podcast Highlights from Designing Your Life

Bill Burnett and Dave Evans
Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Your life can be designed, created, authored, shaped and reshaped. Bill and Dave have initiated over 2,000 Stanford students in their life design methodology. Their widely popular Stanford class helps students answer key life questions like; What they want to do, Whom they want to grow into, and How to create a life they love.

  • Everbody gets stuck, start where you are
  • Learn how problem solving used in product design can be applied to designing your life
  • The idea of Work-Life balance is totally wrong and approaches the problem with a win-lose outcome
  • Understand why your life needs a dashboard in five categories: Work, Life, Play, and Health & Love
  • Dysfunctional beliefs require Reframed Thinking in order to Design Your Life 
  • You’re never too late to Design Your Life
  • Watch Designing Your Life trailer here

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