Finding What You’re Searching For Episode #105

Aaron McHugh


I recorded this episode while on an adventure run in LA. I was exploring and found a really cool trail that winded to the top of a city park with this perfect pond and view of the city. Running helps me maintain my curiosity and the spirit of adventure. Every time I travel, I bring my running shoes along. I have this belief that there will be something cool wherever I go. And low and behold, I find some amazing trails, runs, byways, parks, rivers, streams, and epic scenery.

I offer you this story as a muse on finding what you’re searching for. I believe that you will find whatever it is you are searching for if you believe its out there. When you start with a belief “I bet this might be cool…..” you will see what it is your heart believes.

Here are a few of the things I found on my adventure run in LA.

Hermon Park (Arroyo Seco Park) Montecito Heights, LA  34.1044° N, 118.1860° W
Ernest E. Debs Regional Park with this perfect pond on top after running single track and fire roads 34.0966° N, 118.1956° W

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