Fully Alive with Ben Moon Episode #150

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“Guided by sheer joy and a deep appreciation for being alive” and “A craving to connect with others and see what’s deeper-not just the pretty part of our life.”

Ben Moon is a good human. Photography and filmmaking are his craft taking him across the globe for big brands like Patagonia, Adidas, Sony, Yeti coolers, and Subaru. He won’t brag about climbing with Alex Honnold or surfing with Yvon Chouinard. Boasting isn’t his style. Inviting you in for a restorative surf set at his local Pacific City, Oregon break is more Ben’s MO.

Ben Moon on Mt. Hood looking like an arctic explorer © Ben Moon

At age 29, “the picture of balance” was diagnosed with cancer. In Ben’s words, “it stripped away the B.S.” as he learned to focus on one day at a time and not look too far ahead into the future where doom or what if’s might sniper his hope.

Ben’s portrait photography captures the soul of a person. He invites each subject to close their eyes, get centered, open their eyes and be you. Witness Ben’s art here on Ben’s Instagram

Aerial image shot from a small single engine Cessna plane of professional surfer Peter Mel outrunning a 25 foot plus wave after it broke while competing in the 2009 Nelscott Reef big wave surf contest in Lincoln City, Oregon. Contestants were using the assistance of personal watercraft for transport to the reef which is nearly 3/4 of a mile offshore, as well as for safety and to tow in to catch the waves. © Ben Moon

My interview with Ben Moon

  • His friendship with his dog Denali and the Felt Soul Media Denali Film viewed over 14.1 Million times
  • Ben’s pending book about his Denali experience, cancer, friendship and the writing process and the help he received from other notable pros like Tommy Caldwell.
  • Ben’s adventures with Daniel Norris, Major League Baseball pitcher for the Detroit Tigers in “Shaggy” Dan’s 1978 VW Bus.
  • Hear about the two women that saved Ben’s life and how long he ignored his cancer symptoms.
Daniel Norris, a Major League pitcher for the Detroit Tigers, enjoying the simple life on the road in the offseason, in his ’78 VW Westfalia named Shaggy © Ben Moon

Official Ben Moon bio

Ben Moon is a Pacific City, Oregon based photographer and filmmaker who enjoys working with a diverse range of adventurers, athletes and musicians. Surviving cancer in his twenties inspired a greater connection and appreciation for others and the natural world. Ben finds human emotion to be a source of constant fascination. He is best known for his viral short film Denali, which explored the friendship between Ben and his dog. #DenaliFilm on Vimeo.com/122375452

Belinda Baggs ducking underneath a wave in New South Wales, Australia © Ben Moon

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