Mike Field and How to Live a Happier Existence with Less Episode #7

Aaron McHugh


Mike Field-Sport. Life. Art.

In this interview you will enjoy Mike’s humble, almost bashful, view of his story.

But don’t be fooled. He lives in a beautiful story of wealth.

Not necessarily of worldly monetary wealth, but one of passion and art and friendship.

  • Why we believe we need to consume more in order to be happy.
  • How to live a simple lifestyle.
  • How billionaires want to get back to the basics.
  • How a happier existence gets mucked up by smartphones.


Mike Field is the perfect combination of Artist and Entrepreneur.

He cannot help but put one foot in front of the other in pursuit of his artistic vision.

He has been an artist, painter, and designer for over 20 years.  His artist mother raised him in the Hawaiian Islands.

He watched the power of expression and he is compelled to let the art out.

He is creating a clothing line that combines Life+Sport+Art = M.Field.

M. Field Beach wear with a beer

Today his beach wear is sported by some of Hollywood’s finest, Victoria Secret models, and stay-at-home housewives.

Better yet, outside of his sportswear being shown on Rodeo Drive, Tahitian water-men use it while paddling between Hawaiian Islands for multi-day races.

Mike hangs with world-renowned cyclists, movie stars, big wave surfers, and beach bums.

As he states so well, he can roll with a Billionaire (which he does) and he can roll with the guy who owns three t-shirts and a surfboard.

Mike is an infectious kind soul.

He is the big brother that you wish you had. He taught me to surf on my most recent trip to Hawaii. I even slept on his living room floor.

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8 thoughts on “Mike Field and How to Live a Happier Existence with Less Episode #7

  1. Please interview Mike again in a year 🙂 This was so inspiring. And the paddling video really shows why he’s so in love with it; so much energy. Thanks Aaron.

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