Interview with Jeff Goins: Author, Blogger, Tribe leader Episode #1

Aaron McHugh


Here are some of the highlights from the show (provided by Jeff)

  • How I found and developed my writing voice
  • What it takes to connect with influential people online
  • When I stopped acting the amateur and finally turned pro with my craft
  • The 1000-hour rule of proficiency and practice
  • Why artists need to claim their craft before they create their best work
  • How to serve your way into influential relationships and get people to take you seriously

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New book: Wrecked

Jeff Goins blogs at

Jeff has built up his own Tribe following of 100,000+ subscribers to his blog.

In addition he recently published his first book through a traditional publisher,
Wrecked-When a broken world slams into your comfortable life.

In addition he has self published a number of very popular eBooks:

The Interview

  • Learn about his journey as a writer.
  • I think you will appreciate the number of hours and dedication that it required to hone his craft.
  • Learn how he began his relationships with key supporters like Michael Hyatt and Seth Godin.

Thanks again Jeff and co-host Justin Lukasavige, host of


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