Living on Purpose: Creating a Life List Episode #121

Aaron McHugh


The importance of creating a life list and define what you’re aiming at. In this episode, I share my list with you as examples of the kinds of stuff you might want to consider yourself.

I updated my Life List in 2016. It sits above my desk on my wall, notated with progress, adjustments and new additions. The point is to make it a part of your everyday life. It provides me a filter for my decisions and priority setting.

This Life List is a reflection of the Work Life Play that is important to me today, Saturday, January 2nd, 2016. It is subject to change and revision. I am aiming my intentions towards these goals, events, experiences and quests. I want to live a life of Adventure, connection, passion and curiosity. I will invest in meaningful relationships, experience all that this life has to offer and challenge myself in my Work and in physical accomplishments.

You can download my full list here as an example to start your own.

While I’m Living I want to…

1. Visit and hike some portion of the Great Wall of China

2. Work from Anywhere.

3. Perform a Ted Talk in 2017

4. Attend my children’s Averi and Holden’s weddings

5. Write 5 4 more books, published or self-published by age 50 (2020)

6. Meet and spend 2 hrs w Bono from U2

7. Leith and I celebrate 70 yrs of marriage (2063)

8. Climb bot the Matterhorns: Switzerland and Disneyland by age 48 (2020)

9. Climb remaining 22 14’er (14,000 foot peaks) in Colorado by (2019)

• Six in 2016

• Five in 2017

• Six in 2018

• Five in 2019

10. Climb all fourteen (14) 14’er in the Washington and California by age 55


11. Work in an orphanage with Averi and Leith for a week before Averi graduates

high school (2019)

12. Work with interesting people of my choice every day (in progress)

13. Live in a house designed by my brother

14. Backpack or Mountain Bike the Colorado Trail (finish unridden sections) by


15. Live debt free

16. Take my grand children on a tour of the United States by car, boat, plane, RV,

bicycle, and walking.

17. Live abroad for one year

18. Visit Rome with Leith.

19. Free women in sex trade industry. Personally participate not just send money.

20. Build two software companies that do not require my daily presence to run.

21. Build Work Life Play to have 500k subscribers

22. Run Walt Disney Family Museums social media and marketing

23. Run the Rim to Rim to Rim Grand Canyon race in 2016

24. Work Life Play podcast weekly for 2 yrs

25. Compete in Ironman Kona World Championship by age 60 (2030)

26. Visit Cinque Terra, Italy with Leith for our 25th wedding anniversary (2018)

27. Earn 1 M$ in a year

28. Matt and I drive Hwy 1 in California in a sidecar and motorcycle

29. Family goes to Swaziland Africa and adopt a baby brother

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