Net Worth Measured in Experiences with Cedar Wright Episode #56

Aaron McHugh


Cedar Wright’s net worth is measured in experiences, not by his financial balance sheet. Warning: Don’t listen to his gnarly stories about his extreme climbing expeditions and paragliding off 18,000 foot tall volcano’s while sitting at your desk. It will bum you out if you are sitting idle. Instead listen to this interview while you go for a run, a workout, a walk, a hike, or a climb. I had to go for a two-hour hike in the snow after I talked with Cedar. His adventures are TALL.

Cedar Wright professional climber
Cedar Wright professional climber

I hope you will catch some of his insatiable love for life and adventure. I love this guy. I interviewed Cedar after I watched his film Sufferfest #2 Desert Towers. The Banff Mountain Film Festival came through Colorado Springs and featured this ridiculously large feat. Over three weeks, Cedar and Alex Honnold climbed forty-five desert towers and were 100% self-powered as they rode 700 miles on mountain bikes from climb to climb. Sheessh.

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Cedar Wright's zany rompings
Cedar Wright’s zany rompings

Cedar Wright Work Life Play Highlights:

  • Cedar’s latest film, The Fledglings about paragliding from the summit of 18,490′ Pico de Orizaba the third highest mountain in North America.
  • Ask yourself, What can I not help but do in life? Go do that.
  • Discover what drives you? What are you passionate about? It doesn’t matter if can make money in the beginning.
  • Cedar lived on less than $5,000.00 per year for a decade before he became the famous climber.
  • Obsess on one thing at a time.
  • Figure out what your willing to sacrifice in order to be fully alive.
  • Hear about why Baffin Island is one of the most savage places Cedar’s climbed
  • Cedar climbs with big names like Alex Honnold, Renan Ozturk, Jason Singer, Matt Seagull and Timmy O’Neil.
  • He offers great advice on picking an adventure partner
  • What is Cedar’s favorite piece of gear? His cars Big Blue and Silver Lighting. Hear why.
  • Cedar has a long list of sponsors worth mentioning: A member of The North Face Climbing Team, Qalo, Blue Water Ropes, Black Diamond,
  • Cedar may decide to paraglide from Boulder, CO to my house in Colorado Springs (If the weather’s right)


Official Bio of Cedar Wright

He is a Professional Climber and Filmmaker living in Boulder Colorado.  As a member of The North Face Team, Cedar has traveled the world establishing adventurous and daring first ascents, often documenting these exploits through his writing and cinematography.

Cedar is a National Geographic Explorer, a Contributing Editor at Climbing Magazine, and has won numerous awards for his films, including the popular Sufferfest franchise, which he also stars in along with his good friend Alex Honnold.  Cedar is a humble and approachable person known for his goofy sense of humor, and infectious lust for life, and is always game for an outrageous adventure.

While studying English and Creative Writing in Northern California, Cedar fell in love with rock climbing, and soon after graduation he moved into his truck (he now lives in a house) and began following his climbing dreams full time.  For over 5 years Cedar was a member of the Yosemite Search and Rescue Team, and when he wasn’t hanging out of a helicopter he was climbing his ass off.  He got pretty good at it.

Today, Cedar is one of the most recognized professional climbers in the United States, and continues to push himself as a climber and creative.  Cedar has climbed El Capitan free in a day, established traditional 5.13 first ascents in Yosemite and Indian Creek, and pioneered difficult new Alpine Rock Routes in places like Pakistan, the Bugaboos, and Alaska.  Cedar is also becoming an accomplished Paragliding Pilot with a flight from  18,490′ Pico de Orizaba the third highest mountain in North America.  Cedar measures his net worth in experience, and continues to be a driven, passionate and prolific climber and storyteller.

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