Top Ten Reasons Why We Do Not Change Episode #155

Aaron McHugh


My top ten reasons why I believe we won’t change.
1) No guarantees of an outcome.

2) We really aren’t yet in enough pain in our current reality.

3) The devil I know is better than the devil I don’t.

4) A template was installed in us a long time ago that is difficult to refute.

5) It’s easier to bitch and complain than to do something about it.

6) We convince ourselves that everyone else must have won the golden ticket, found a shortcut, has a rich uncle, got to skip to the front of the line and bypass all the pain, the risk, and the uncertainty. Or we tell ourselves we’re too old, beyond repair, too…

7) We’ve believed a story that isn’t true that only we believe. Everyone else around us sees past our living myth.

8) We’re so busy managing our lives, we don’t realize there’s a problem. We ignore the warning signs. We hold other priorities.

9) We refuse to allow transformation-fold our arms and say “this is how I am, this is how it will always be”. And we get busy dying.

10) We fail to see that LIFE is an invitation to be on a journey-remain under construction until the end.

BONUS #11 We ignore the mythic as irrational, childish, lacking proof and entirely fiction and miss all of the nuance, the beauty, the mystery available to us.

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