Performance Breakthrough with Cathy Salit Episode #102

Aaron McHugh


In Performance Breakthrough Cathy Salit presents the revolutionary approach to learning and growing that she and her company Performance of a Lifetime have been using for twenty years to help American Express, Nike, Pfizer, the United States Olympic Committee, PwC, 3M, and Chanel, among a Who’s Who of other brand name clients.

Cathy Salit author of Performance Breakthrough

Salit’s core idea is that all humans have an innate ability to perform, pretend, and improvise. It’s what helps us develop as children and continue developing as adults. You may not have been on a stage since you played a tree in third grade, but the reality is that you’re performing all the time. Performance Breakthrough shows how you can use ideas and techniques from theater and improvisation, along with the new science of performative psychology, to enhance your performance at work and “become who you are not yet.”

In his best-seller, To Sell is Human, Daniel Pink devotes almost an entire chapter to just one aspect of Salit’s work. Performance Breakthrough presents her full methodology to help you hone your listening, relationship and communication skills; recognize and act on opportunities; build healthy working relationships; and grow as a leader. No matter what the challenge, the combination of her case studies and practical exercises will help you realize your potential and deliver your own top performance.

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Performance Breakthrough: A Radical Approach to Success at Work

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